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Plastic crusher
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SWP series crusher This series crusher basically uses at broken all sorts of plastic with the thing such as balata specific introduction is as follows:
(1) series of SWP100, SWP160, SWP200, SWP300, SWP320 basically is used at broken film, third rare silk and piece, the goods such as material of abnormity of club, canal.
(2) series of SWP260, SWP360 basically is used at the article such as broken lump, club, hollow container
(3) series of SWP2232, SWP3040, SWP380, SWP500 is puissant crusher, basically use broken lump nose to expect.
(4) SWP450, SWP630, SWP800 is a canal profile of material, different, club, piece, the strip article such as plank.
(5) SP-120, SP-250 is small-power advocate model machine deserves to use crusher only, main and broken makings of the horn below the machine that note model.
(6) SWP650, SWP720, SWP1000 is large and hollow crusher, main use at canal of the hollow container such as broken beer box, bucket, large requirements.

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