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Pound type crusher
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Concussion type crusher is right in pounding a process the crusher that the alternative broken capacity that stock place has makes its compare other type has more cubic look broken product content, if the watch is shown 1 times, have again at the same time broken than big characteristic, simplified broken flow, got rapid development in broken industry consequently, be applied extensively at each relevant industry.

One, concussion type crusher is alleged concussion is broken it is to show the object is below free condition stricken force, wait for weak part to undertake along face of face of its nature cranny, bedding, joint alternative broken and broken (if pursue,3 show) . It has do not attack at hammer defeat the object in breaking to leave stricken force in the state that has a tie, if the graph is shown 4 times, more with its he is cut, abrade and aid pressing, broken different, it is consequently in broken process lowest of specific power consumption, because its go to monomer since broken ability optionally,depart valuable mineral and the action that win product of more and cubic form.
Application pounds the concussion type crusher of the principle, it is the peen that uses high speed to turn the stock of broken to giving a person antrum undertakes high speed is pounded, make stock happening pounds the broken, makings after making pound piece be borne down on to strike back by high speed board, stock is in after be broken to checkmate again, from strike back board area of resilient peen blow repeats have afore-mentioned broken processes, at the same time stock is mixed in peen strike back board between in going there and back, mutual between return existence collision to pound action. When broken the stock granuality after is less than peen and strike back board between when aperture, it is namely from eduction of the bottom inside machine broken hind product.

The stock to different bead class its are broken energy is different, the more because small stock is in-house of blemish decrease stage by stage, its are broken requires energy is bigger. The relation according to energy and linear velocity is formulary: A= Mra.
As excavate ability rise, expect a dimension is ceaseless after excavate increase, and crusher of type of odd rotor concussion because the reason such as oneself structure rationality restricted those who give makings size to increase, because this developed crusher of type of double rotor concussion. The double rotor that has tall poor setting to raised the action of the 2nd rotor to develop again pounds type crusher, wear away by peen the relation that reachs specific power consumption and rotor linear velocity, the first undertakes to stock with inferior speed thick broken, and the 2nd rotor undertakes to stock with higher rate in finely, rose broken than.

Crusher of vertical concussion type is the delegate of the concussion type crusher that undertaking to stock finely respect is used. We know, of peen wearing away is with peen circumgyrate linear velocity rise show nonlinear of growth, and finely when the linear velocity of peen is very tall, the significant blow area that relative to quality smaller stock cannot enter peen of high speed circumgyrate (as it happens is in the) inside limits of highest linear velocity, bring about broken effect to drop reach peen wear away aggravate. Vertical pounds the center that type crusher uses to give makings way, to the stock after entering initial rate is close to for 0, after be being quickened gradually from rotor cast inside body shoot undertake pounding defeating breaking, improved strong checkmate to break the effect was reduced fragile wear and tear. This kind of crusher performs melt into again mechanical and from line type two kinds big
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