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Type of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy pounds crusher to become bett
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Type of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy pounds crusher to go up to pound equipment with other in the design bump suddenly between same support ore and solid object, accordingly, they and other concussion crusher are having common basic characteristic, its design excel extruding form. If enter,expect the mouth is enough big, edge nature is faced mineral undertake broken can obtain very tall granuality broken than, can produce the product grain with a good figuration. Use natural and broken law to come broken iron ore but its broken into the metallic particle like gold.

The main good point that type of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy breaks to checkmate machine excel other pounds crusher is attributed to its distinctive design characteristic. Crusher of concussion of type of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy basically is to use vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy of center of leather belt drive to make the compressed component of perpendicular and oriented device rotational. This rotor passes centrifugal force to go to eject of way of stock edge standard on the concussion plane inside broken antrum with extremely high rotate speed. Have two kinds of main concussion plane.

In ore, in metallic breaking equipment, mine expects classics feeder falls into mine makings alloter, this alloter distributes stock on average between oriented impeller. Impeller throws stock shoot fixed go up in the metallic area that anvil iron is called all round broken antrum. Each anvil iron is fixed. Its angle and distance are a basis of special purpose set so that obtain the oldest broken rate. Broken stock falls to discharge makings area, this pounds the main job principle of type crusher namely.

In ore, in ore breaking equipment, it is first ore line is formed in rotor, rotor throws stock with the linear velocity of 85 M/sec shoot stock layer is formed all round broken antrum. Plant of one protruding ear is set inside broken antrum, make stop stock has one to rest horn, broken stock is the motion on face first, flow through stock next from rotor eduction. Because of this ore, ore crusher is to pass the mutual attrition between ore, abrasion and concussion to realize stock broken. The granuality of broken ore adjusts than can be being passed the speed of rotor will control. More advanced ore, so that be pounded inside broken antrum,ore crusher can send stock to rotor not only broken, still can send more stock to broken antrum directly, through rotor deferent stock undertakes pounding defeating breaking.

Crusher of concussion of type of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy is main the advantage is, producible it is good to give take shape the expensive simple product of all sorts of granuality and productivity is tall. Ore, the geometrical structure of crusher of concussion of type of metallic vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy is passed most the number that the earth reduces place to give mine piece and other stock barge against to attack in order to improve natural and broken result. Product not only apple-pie and shapely.
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