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Hydraulic pressure is conic the use experience of crusher
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Kind of travel of conic crusher have a lot of, short head circle is defeated broken, be close to type is conic broken, hydraulic pressure is conic a variety of types such as crusher.

Conic crusher uses hydraulic pressure at large stone broken factory and mine industry this machine is those who be in Germany is conic the improves the new generation that joins production of present technology of crusher of new-style hydraulic pressure to go out stone crusher that engineering technology has on broken foundation.

The clastic rock technology of crusher of this kind of hydraulic pressure is exceedingly flexible. No matter hard limestone arrives basalt, the stone of different still specifications produces all sorts of ore broken, it can rise all sorts of in broken, finely, exceed finely exercise, also other crusher cannot be likened to this. And manufacturing efficiency is common crusher is very severalfold still have even if via its broken stock exceedingly average grain is exceedingly even. The finished product with broken brokener than general crusher finished product is in many of the market. Be opposite plus this machine the size of the broken strength of stock is adjustable. Because of its application limits expands further. I think this machine will replace general bedspring stage by stage conic crusher.

This machines and tools has a few big advantages:

1. The broken rate of the stock of this machine big, productivity is tall as severalfold as common crusher.

2. Structure of crusher of this hydraulic pressure is compact. Fragile change easily little reduced production thereby this low.

3. What this machine uses is lamination the form of bead of broken finished product of broken, stock is beautiful, appearance is even.

4. This machine uses hydraulic pressure protection and hydraulic pressure clear pitch, protection of tall, hydraulic pressure and hydraulic pressure clear antrum reduce automation rate thereby machine down time.

5. This machine is lubricant the system is advanced, the rare and lubricant, service life that improved a machine greatly.

6. This machine has a variety of broken antrum rooms, broken norms to apply agile, versatility tall.

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