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How to avoid to violate crusher of type of compasses operation another name for
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In mine smeltery or clastic rock factory, must notice to operate crusher of type of another name for Hubei province correctly, lest cause safe accident, in the meantime, these smeltery or it is stone factory should clutch safe production, safe operation, engraft to the worker safe consciousness, only secure job is accomplished, ability ensures the job moves normally, the causes directly because of safe accident cost expenditure that also reduces.

Some smeltery is sent by conveyer of a leather belt to makings system makings, classics another name for Hubei province enters below one process after type crusher is broken. Some day of evening shift (came at 0 o'clock in the morning at 8 o'clock) , worker Wang Mou is in charge of operating in this post, because become of the raw material chunk with class broken place more, crusher is hard to eat into, the ore that encounters chunk must stop machine general ore to be taken out, be bungled its small first with sledge artificially. By finish to the operation when makings normally want 5 many hours only when class production task, and this returns the ability when be apart from next time to still have two hours to finish when class job job 60% the left and right sides. Before dawn 6 when the left and right sides, an aniseed enters crusher, operation personnel Wang Mou sees crusher just is in ceaseless idling, ore did not go down, stop leather belt conveyer, walk along crusher to present makings opening directly, left foot walks in work station brim, right leg exerts all his strength to step on ore into makings mouth toward crusher. Block is gone in by extruding eventually, but because Wang Mou has exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, right leg also entered crusher, total mix is broken under the ankle.

   Immediate cause
Violate the rules and regulations operates Wang Mou. Produce the job when the class to be finished as soon as possible, be eager to hope for success. According to regulation of operating rules of this factory crusher, when crusher is expected to get stuck, must stop machine processing. And Wang Mou was not adopted park machine processing step, step on chunk ore with the foot however, bring about this accident happening thereby.
Remote cause
1, administration of this plant safety is lax. Wang Mou did not wear labor insurance shoe to go to work by the regulation, when discovery of squad team leader this one circumstance also was not added check.
2, worker safety consciousness is fragile. If the Wang Mou in this second accident is bit more ego protects consciousness, can avoid the happening of this accident completely.
3, heavy production does not weigh safety also is one of causes that cause this second accident to happen.
  Responsibility is maintained
This plant safety is in charge of a branch to pass pair of trouble spot and work environment to undertake investigating an analysis, maintaining this is factitious liability accident. Wang Mou is an accident main responsibility person, when the class because the monitor is scanty also be opposite at management this the accident is had cannot the responsibility of shirk. This factory undertook handling to two responsibility person: Wang Mou has formed serious injury, do economy to punish no longer, wait for the shutdown after rehabilitation to meditate 30 days, write written assure. Give depose processing when squad team leader.
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