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The lethallest ingredient in crusher job
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“ works in crusher when, do not know what reason it (crusher) stop there did not turn, next I must hasten brake knife, lest ” of burned-out electric machinery says a crusher that of this word is an ore dressing plant operates personnel, if do not feel the word of its disposition,he says you, classics regular meeting creates the dead machine appearance of crusher, accordingly, undertaking to stock broken when, must notice to notice to leave the even rate of makings, the hardness that still the hardness that is stock gets a basis to expect when surface features, if good word, can plus one bright working procedure.

InfluenceCrusher of type of another name for Hubei provinceWhat does main factor of the job have to affect the main factor that crusher of type of another name for Hubei province works to have nip angle and revolution usually.

Nip angle uses another name for Hubei province and the between included angle that decide another name for Hubei province namely. According to computation the biggest nip angle can amount to 32 degrees. And 25 degrees are less than in be being used actually, spend the left and right sides for 18—20 commonly. Nip angle is too big, the ore that can make broken antrum medium is squeezed up piece, as a result injures a person or damage other equipment, increase as nip angle at the same time (broken than increasing) productivity drops. Adjust the size of the mouth that discharge mine, also change the size of nip angle. In actual life, discharge the size of mine mouth according to discharging the requirement of mine granuality to adjust. Accordingly, below the requirement that assures product granuality, magnifying the mouth that discharge mine as far as possible is reasonable. Bulk of the mouth that discharge mine can adjust through carbon block for the adjustment, adjusting should notice when size of the mouth that discharge mine broken compare and the correlation between productivity.

Inside certain limits, increase the revolution of eccentric shafe, can improve the productivity of crusher, but the electric energy that also can increase ore of broken unit weight is used up. Rotate speed is too big, can make already was had not enough time by broken ore in broken antrum eduction, and generation jams phenomenon, make productivity is reduced instead, electric energy is used up increase, accordingly, crusher of type of another name for Hubei province is due an optimum revolution.

Another name for Hubei province is the eccentric shafe of type crusher, connecting rod, movable board of another name for Hubei province, axis and scaleboard are main wear away component, need often notices to lubricate with change.

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