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Buy the item that moment of cast steel crusher should notice
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Body of crusher cast steel and solder the model with the similar product with the discriminative similar crusher of body, quality is different. Component of broken stone aircraft is mixed for cast steel body solder body, body of so called cast steel is to point to airframe is an organic whole disintegrator is whole, cast steel come out directly, because be airframe,be an organic whole accordingly such equipment comparatives hard usage, service life is very long. And solder body is comprise by many armor plate, pass what undertake soldering artificially and become next, accordingly such service life of equipment wants many short. Cast steel body and solder body is on the price difference is very big also, price of cast steel system is higher, and solder system price wants a lot of lower. A price a goods, here reminds everybody to be not puzzled by the quote place of manufacturer, the price that although the manufacturer of some gives you,signs up for is very low, but product quality is no good for certain. Divisional price difference is very actually simple also, you seek advice from a few manufacturer more, hear respective quoted price next, regular manufacturer quoted price is opposite taller, and the price that those small plants sign up for wants a lot of lower, too low price persuades everybody or do not buy.
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