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The basic construction of finely and medium, conic crusher reachs its job princ
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Break in the broken mine action of conic crusher and cycle stone crusher are basic and identical. Also be to use movable and conic with what do not move the working face between cone to have broken ore deposit. Mantle body bearing is on spherical bearing, fixed in suspension sets upright an axis to go up, vertical axis park is prejudicial inside sleeve, and prejudicial sleeve park stops push bearing.

Move cone and vertical axis to be driven by prejudicial axle sleeve together, prejudicial axle sleeve borrows a level to the axis reachs leather belt annulus and come via bevel gear transmission. Leather belt annulus criterion by electromotor classics V belt drive. In setting upright axial bottom to load prejudicial sleeve, when prejudicial sleeve rotates, with axial lay off a taper seat. Because this mantle body is stood by not the ore when mantle is crushed namely. Housing is become twice in group by fluctuation, with bolt join. Cover on bolt have puissant spring, the action of bedspring is to become when metal or other and hard thing fall into broken antrum, do not send attaint crusher (wait like main shaft) . If have metallic piece or other and hard thing (first class of screw cap, drill rod) enter broken antrum together with ore, criterion not mantle is raised, the mouth that discharge mine increases but its eduction. Sometimes conic crusher is to use oil pressure (or hydraulic) device comes to those who discharge mine mouth size adjust.

Ore is matched through cent by mouth giving mine dish fall into machine, allocate dish of outfit to be carried on vertical axis, because set upright axial whirl, and obtain vibration, allocate ore equably in cone all around. Have the aid of reachs hinge at the lever of bore with a reamer with handle, immobilize awl rises or drop, discharge the width of mine mouth in order to adjust. Each component all uses cast steel to make, mantle and not the working face of mantle is set with manganese steel scaleboard, in order to protect conic do not suffer wear away, after scaleboard wears away, can change, when changing, the fill between scaleboard and cone makes into fused lead between them close together agglutinate.

Finely and conic disintegrator, call short head conic crusher again, or call “ circle to grind ” . It and in the construction of broken conic crusher is basic and identical, its distinction depends on only mantle and not the figure of mantle is different. Short head is conic the mantle of crusher and not mantle is shorter, and the parallel ribbon between two awl is longer, mouth giving mine and platoon mine mouth are smaller, can get fine product so (5—10 millimeter) .

Besides standard type and short head dummy outside conic crusher, still have mind at them both between a kind the name is medium-sized and conic crusher, can use at already in broken also can use at finely. Standard, medium-sized, short head is conic the section figure that the main distinction of crusher is broken antrum is different. Accordingly, granuality giving mine and platoon mine size are distinct also.
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