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Arenaceous stone product line introduces
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Flow of arenaceous stone product line introduces: Stone sends gnathic type crusher equably to undertake by oscillatory feeder thick broken, thick the stock after defeating is sent by rubber belt conveyor make arenaceous machine farther broken, finely the stock after is carried vibrating separator undertakes screening, the stock that obtains requirement of finished product granuality is sent wash arenaceous machine to clean, after cleaning, by finished product conveyer belt output is finished product namely; The stock that did not obtain requirement of finished product granuality is returned from vibrating separator make arenaceous machine be machined afresh, form closed circuit for many times to circulate. Finished product granuality can undertake combine and classificationing by the demand of the user. If choose dry method to manufacture technology, can deploy pink of degree of finish centrifuge and remove dust equipment.

Function of arenaceous stone product line introduces: Should make arenaceous product line have automation, moving cost low, broken rate tall, energy-saving, crop big, pollution the little, mechanism that maintains handy, production to go out is arenaceous accord with a country to build granuality of arenaceous standard, product to wait for an advantage equably. Should make plant layout of arenaceous product line basically be opposite according to the client the utility of stone norms and crop and stone will decide, before Yuan Hua machinery offers carry out, carry out the overall service after medium, carry out and solution, according to the client manufacturing base configures flow, accomplish for the client the most reasonable, most arenaceous stone product line of economy.

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