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The history of crusher
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In crusher familial in, basically have crusher of vertical crusher, horizontal crusher, roller type crusher, gnathic type, and by stand, lie, the other crusher that roller, gnathic derive gives, phyletic and various, call a law each different. But no matter be which kinds of crusher all each has his strong point. We are in choice and the process of use crusher, how can you just accomplish truly foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, be used for me? This is about to reach craft arrangement to come from principle of the structural character of crusher, job consider choice.
Talk about vertical crusher above all (namely main shaft is perpendicular) . After from 20 centuries 80 time are rolled out, this machine makes the product of sell like hot cakes that grinds with defeating era namely, as finely crusher, give 4mm of ~ of makings granuality ≤3 on average, 90% for fine farinaceous, make of ball mill reduce into makings granuality, yield rose 20% ~ 30% .
Mix through 20 old development evolve, crusher of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy arrives from generation the Five Dynasties, break by dozen of onefold checkmate evolve into concussion to turn over checkmate to break, the service life of peen of the change of one word raised 4 times above than vintage type. The type of concussion of delegate product vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy of vertical crusher is finely machine, the stock that is used extensively in mine of iron ore, gold, cement, glass, pottery and porcelain, electric power, steely industry is finely. But what if choose vertical crusher to be used at highway,build material is broken, that is type selecting mistake, this is about to use the horizontal crusher that should talk below us.
Horizontal crusher (namely main shaft is the horizontal stroke lies use) . Its type has: Lie crusher of crusher of axial hammer type, annulus hammer type, lie the axis strikes back type crusher. The structural characteristic of horizontal crusher is: Capabilities of product of tall, unit uses up productivity low, broken than big, replace multistage broken, suffer in craft condition namely in a limited time, this type can from thick the whole process that cuts production of the fine broken product that finish. Apply in highway to build data side especially, through changing breaker plate () clearance and geometrical angle, can produce all sorts of norms stock of need giving place, and the shapeliness of stock (submit 6 arris form) , compressive strength is high.
Roller type crusher (the crowded make friends that relies on roller and grind cut force to undertake broken) . Main good point is: Structure simple, compact, light, job is reliable, adjust broken more convenient, need not the foundation can be used. Defect is: Productivity is low, the requirement is fed makings is successive and even, of roller face wear away not all product granuality is not easy also and even, need to often be repaired. Roller face has crusher of general roller type to secure and can change two kinds, the roller side that still has a tooth-like part of anything of a kind of belt additionally (age namely) of roller type crusher, its application is in chunk stock is broken to small stock (contain certain moisture content) circumstance, it is other crusher of too far behind to catch up with.
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