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Gnathic type crusher notes a point
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1, the preparation before crusher starts works:

The lubricant case of ● examination bearing is good, bracket and move jaw, adjust on the osculatory case that bracket fills up is good, whether does its contact place have enough grease.

● checks all fastener to whether tighten solid.

Whether does examination drive leather belt install ● to be mixed correctly the case is good, if discover leather belt damaged should change in time, when leather belt or have on groovy annulus smeary when, use clean rag seasonable rub-up.

● examination guard is good, if discover guard has insecure appearance, answer to eliminate in time.

● examination has inside damaged antrum do not have stock or other and sundry, if should keep clear of clean sometimes.

Machine of the top since ● examination hydraulic pressure coming directly towards or lever of silk having a tip whether go back, adjust spacer to whether be installed mix correctly impaction.

● should add damaged stock broken accent equably inside, avoid flank feed in raw material or stack feed in raw material, in order to prevent mutation of unilateral overload, bear or block.

● falls in regular job circumstance, the temperature rise of bearing should not exceed 30 ℃ , highest temperature must not exceed 70 ℃ . When be like more than 70 ℃ , answer to jockey instantly, prove a cause and try to eliminate.

Feed in raw material should stop above all before ● jockeys, treat the stock be breakinged inside broken antrum after all eduction, just can shut electromotor.

● is in broken when when if be caused because of block of the stock inside broken antrum,jockeying, answer to shut electromotor instantly, must keep clear of stock rear can start motor again.

● jaw board becomes stationary jaw plate and activity after one aspect of the matter wears away, can go up, next tune are used.

After ● crusher uses period of time, should originally closely afresh all fastener.

4, lubricant

● prolongs all life to make sure the normal movement of the machine is mixed, should note regularly oil-lubricated.

● joins bearing the 50 ~ that the grease inside should be cubage 70% , every 3 ~ 6 months replacing. When changing grease, apply clean benzine or kerosene to scour the place such as the raceway of bearing carefully, bearing should be opened when cleaning the aperture putting oil below.

This ● machine uses grease to should be nodded according to the ground of the machine, the condition such as air temperature will decide, can use calcium commonly sodium radical grease, in grease when drier bath, can use use after rare oil and grease are concoctive.

When need to be being assembled only between ● bracket and bracket or be being overhauled, in its joint face place adds right amount grease can.
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