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The rising sun is heavy-duty and general mechanical limited company
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The rising sun is heavy-duty and general mechanical limited company only then built 1986, give priority to in order to give the rising sun heavy-duty form a complete set, come to began to cast off original mode to make 1996 via developing 10 years overall, explore via market of 4 years again, change advocate battalion direction by make with building materials machinery so give priority to, turn into to be given priority to with whole set of equipment of clastic rock of high end of form a complete set of railroad of freeway, high speed, hydroelectric station, designed those who have him distinguishing feature, have him intellectual property, the product of whole set series that has him brand product. Via trying hard to face south for years heavy-duty and global mechanical limited company formed design of market research and development, production to make, the omnibus business that sells installation, after service to become an organic whole, passed attestation of ISO9001-2000 quality system 2004. In order to produce all sorts of gnathic type crusher, strike back type crusher, odd paragraph of hammer type crusher, double rotor strikes back hammer of broken, annulus defeats crusher of crusher, type of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy, Shuang Gun, efficient exceed fine Ramon to grind machine and its whole set of equipment to give priority to, professional production all sorts of wear-resisting omnibus enterprise. The product has 9 kinds big 54 breed, among them 8 have independent intellectual property (patent) product. The series product specifications that the company produces is in domestic lead position, be maintained to be company of new and high technology by Liaoning province at the beginning of 2007. The brand is " force treasure " . Because of its technology and each district of whole nation of quality be on sale export 8 nations. 2003 up to now my company obtains national quality to supervise early or late examine reputation of market of the unit of quality inspection qualification that test center awards, China is famous famous crusher of enterprise, China the 10 beautiful brand, quality user that obtains sunny city to issue is satisfactory commodity title. My company built project and larger technical reformation project to offer for national emphasis on 1000 (stage) covered equipment offers money, the product pledges quantity and after service got broad user reputably. The manner that we will taste quality and excellent service, enthusiasm with sincerity and excellent yield welcomes to come from the friends of countrywide all trades and professions.

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