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Technology of our country crusher
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Develop as the abidance of our country economy, the iron and steel industry of our country also got rapid development, the steel output of our country achieved the history 2004 new tall, it is 272 million tons, make the first iron and steel of world big country. Through in last few years rapid development, steely course of study also shows a rich gradually insufficient, ton crop specific power consumption crosses pollution of big, environment to wait for contradiction. Useless steel resource serves as iron and steel industry " the 2nd mining industry " , have managing the sources of energy, reduce environment of pollution, protection, loop to use wait for an advantage, its impact will be bigger and bigger. In last few years useless steel supplies year after year to be in climb litre, its action is expanding gradually, broke through 50 million tons 2004, make resource got circular further using. Domestic useless steel basically comes from at the society useless steel reclaims orgnaization, its society reclaims 60% what abandon steel to occupy the whole nation to abandon steel to measure about, it is the main source of our country useless steel; It is steelworks produces useless steel oneself next; Additional although our country already was become the first produce steel big country, but the steely and total reserve of our country still is not very enough, because this home abandons steel gross to still cannot satisfy steel-making to be opposite,abolish the requirement of steel, the amount that has 1/4 about relies on an entrance, will make up for home to abandon the inadequacy of steel resource. Electric stove steel-making is useless steel resource is main use up large family, and expand of the industry further in iron and steel as electric stove steel-making, to abandoning steel the demand of resource also will expand further. Because useless steel resource is differ, caboodle compares density not all, composition difference is very big, be opposite conversely the development of electric steel is influential. Because this pair abandons the pretreatment of steel, the function of ameliorable steely product and investment yield than. At present useless steel handles equipment to basically have 3 kinds: It is to bale press a facility, basically use what processing thin plate, wire rod and machining process arise to cut the frivolous material such as bits, go to the lavatory to carry and raise caboodle to compare density; 2 it is clipping equipment, basically use processing heavy-duty useless steel and large component part, facilitate furnace; 3 it is breaking equipment, use processing to did not classify jumbly low qualitative useless steel, get the broken steel with pure stable component. Through the processing of above equipment, no more than is to achieve the following goal: ① increases density; ② reduces size; ③ taphole is purified. Compare these 3 kinds of useless steel to machine equipment, opposite for the size range of pipe bent of crusher is bigger, productivity is taller, the most important the most crucial is his can eliminate is sundry, if match with proper grading equipment, criterion more can the will harmful to steel-making nonferrous metal that is mixed in useless steel is grading come out, get raw material of metal of very pure and high grade black. Consequently, useless steel is broken product line is the facilities of the treatment that abandon steel that ideal compares on the world at present. One, the popularity on the world before crusher summarizes eye and the crusher that take dominant place, great majority is derived on the foundation of company of Er of American button dimension, have an amount nearly 7 into, the Hubei force emperor of the Fuji car of the Lin Deman that is like Germany, Japan, China. The generation of crusher and development, develop be closely bound up with what abandon steel industry, most begin to be only handle some of frivolous material, as understanding deepen, and of the advantage of broken steel show, the crusher of all sorts of norms gets ceaseless development, scope of application is wider and wider also, can discard as useless to whole even car and electric home appliances
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