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Mineral separation, broken craft reachs technical brief introduction
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1) ore is broken; (2) the craft that grind mine; (3) anthology fasten a technology; (4) agglomeration ball round technology; Manganese: Machinery is chosen (include mineral separation, screening, reelect, strong magnetic separation and floatation) , and igneous law secondary market, law of chemical mineral separation. Chromic: Use jump concentrator of titanium machine, table, helix, centrifugal concentrator and leather belt chute are chosen not, also use hydraulic and grading the mine in fastening table. Titanium vanadium magnetite: Be grinding mine via a paragraph to it, the magnetic separation of one thick, one essence, magnetic separation flow that sweeps gives the magnetism end after magnetite concentrate to undertake. Copper: The method such as floatation, magnetic separation, reelect or wet smelt. Plumbic zinc: Use magnetism commonly - float, heavy - float, heavy - magnetism - the method of associated mineral separation such as float. Aluminous: Use commonly hand-picked. Nickel: (1) floatation; (2) use the process such as broken, screening beforehand degree of eliminate become divided is weak, contain the chunk with low nickel base cliff. Cobaltic: Use floatation commonly. Tungsten: By mineral separation of ore type tungsten cent is black tungsten and white tungsten. Mineral separation method has hand-picked, reelect, floatation, magnetic separation, wait for a method with electric choosing. Stannum: Mineral separation method attachs most importance to craft of power mineral separation, floatation. Molybdenum: Basically be floatation law. Mercuric: Have hand-picked, reelect and floatation, apply with floatation among them extensive the most effective also. Antimonial: Basically have the method such as hand-picked, reelect, floatation. Platinum a group of things with common features: (1) reasonable ball is ground, use come back suitably stream implement classification; (2) reclaim rate; Gold: Gold is in ore content is extremely low, extract gold need general ore is broken use mineral separation method to make golden depart comes out with mill. Basically be reelect and floatation. Silver-colored: (1) floatation law; (2) onefold floatation law and float - the associated flow of reelect law, floatation cyaniding law, weigh most with floatation among them should. Lithium of niobium Tantalum Beryllium: Hand-picked law, floatation law, chemical or chemical - floatation chooses law, radioactivity associated law, ardently to pick way of mine of floatation of law, bead. Strontium: The most commonly used method in mineral separation of scheelite company celestite, the globallest structure technological process is in order to jump discard - the flow that table gives priority to body. Rare-earth metal: Use magnetic separation, floatation to get concentrate contains rare earth oxide commonly about 60% .

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