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Bridge of Henan dawn road is versed in again limited company
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Bridge of Henan dawn road is versed in again limited company, it is with producing big, medium-sized series broken milling machine is given priority to one, market research and development, production, sale is the joint stock company of an organic whole. Company headquarters is located in Zhengzhou country development of estate of new and high technology, cover an area of about 30 thousand square metre, next administer many wholy-owned subsidiary, its home year sale breaks through 180 million yuan, exit is achieved collect amount to 9.8 million dollar every year. Since holding water 1987, the company holds to the science management method of contemporary company, energy industry is made, innovate ceaselessly, rapid development expands the jewel of a bright that becomes our country machinery to make a trade.

Company assemble large quantities of one acute meaning enterprising are representing an industry elite of the management of banner level, scientific research, 3 people of existing economics doctor, MBA senior administrator 6 people, senior engineer 12 people, 25 people of engineer, key school undergraduate students 150 more than person, senior technician 98 people, online employee 600 more than person. Machinist job of China of department of chief engineer Mr Bai Yinghui is famous and broken milling expert, enjoy government of the State Council special allowance, ever led a design to develop the home that count era's banner worn-out milling device. The company takes international technology communication and collaboration seriously very much, introduced the advanced technique of the country such as the United States, Germany, Australia and technology early or late, have production equipment is covered more than 100 times, built the product line with advanced international and top-ranking modernization to detect base. The company pays attention to the development of new product, new technology very much, have the honor to win 6 countries patent early or late, more than 30 professional paper is published on domestic and international journal. The company is absorbed actively manage an ideology advancedly domestic and internationally, cogent make top-ranking employee group.

Company main product includes oscillatory feeder series of series, gnathic type crusher, strike back crusher of type of type crusher series, direct impact (make arenaceous machine) series of series of series, linear vibrating separator, round vibrating separator, wash arenaceous machine series, high pressure to hang micropowder grinding of roller grinder series, high pressure series, Ramon, apply to the industry such as mining industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, coal, fireproof material extensively. The company inspects product quality to be the life of the enterprise. The product has passed IS09001:2Attestation of system of 000 international quality, grinder of series of YGM, TGM has passed attestation of European Union CE, enter European Union market smoothly. Its are main component and fragile all use high grade wear-resisting material and advanced treatment technology, make equipment prolonged wear-resisting, drink praise domestic and international, sell as far as to country and the area such as Si Tan of Russia, Kazakstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kuwait, south Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada and European Union.
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