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Limited company of machinery of Shanghai Yuan Hualu bridge
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Limited company of machinery of Shanghai Yuan Hualu bridge, it is a collect broken, milling (chemical milling, to calcine milling, air current milling) , make the heavy industry machine such as arenaceous, building materials, mineral separation and gangue processing product research and development, production, sale the joint stock company at an organic whole. Company headquarters is located in the forward position town that Chinese economy grows- - Shanghai, proximate subway a line and Shanghai peace, Shanghai Hangzhou freeway, the client makes an on-the-spot investigation order goods reach content shedding to deserve to send convenience, quick. Institute of Yuan Hua machinery of Shanghai of the administer below Yuan Hua company and many wholy-owned subsidiary, cover an area of 10 thousand much square metre, existing employee 300 much people, technician of high school class 60 much people, authoritative class expert 11, formed powerful product research and development and engineering design ability. The sincere letter of the stability of the diversity of advanced sex of the technology, product, quality and service is spent, make Yuan Hua machinery outshines the rest.
Mechanical and main product has Yuan Hua: Grinder series, crusher series, avoid bake bricks product line of series of machine series, concrete block machine, cobble, make arenaceous product line and fireproof material automatic product line, apply extensively at the industry such as metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, building materials, coal, fireproof material, pottery and porcelain.
Service phone: 13937155063
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