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Shanghai builds limited company of equipment of road bridge machinery
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Machinery of bridge of Shanghai construction road builds machine plant as Shanghai before equipment limited company. Go up century the fifties, the far and near of spirit of ” of “ ants gnawing at a bone of recognition of courtyard of Ceng Yiguo Wu Vice Prime Minister Chen Yi is famed.
With Shanghai Electromechanical industrial investment limited company was investment 1989 square, build Shanghai machine plant and road bridge (Hong Kong) limited company joint venture. After this, after many add endowment, since 1995, it is investment now 18 million dollar, register fund 10 million dollar, shanghai just is held 75% , harbor just is held 25% . The company basically develops the machine such as production mine, metallurgy, environmental protection, be maintained to be “ Shanghai ” of company of new and high technology.
Company sale is close 2007 1.256 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect 28.49 million dollar, become the bibcock company of countrywide industry, enter China's oldest machinist industry system 500 mix by force Shanghai industry business sells a list of names posted up of 500 strong gold, be judged to be “ China machinery to be versed in estate company core contends for force unexpectedly preeminent company ” , ascend body at informatization of “ China enterprise 500 strong ” .
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