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Chengdu is big grand establish a machine to create limited company
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Chengdu is big grand establish a machine to create limited company, be located in the Chengdu City on the west outside 50 kilometers, line of 318 nations line, into lukewarm Qiong industry of freeway big city focuses a development. Cover an area of 80000 more than square metre, devoted 2004 capital is close 100 million yuan, extend advanced product line and modern office building. The company has stuff 300 more than person, in advanced technology qualified personnel 60 more than person.
My company is one of companies that the major that southwest implements scale most creates product line of whole set arenaceous stone, market research, development, make, sale and service are an organic whole. Main product has: Series of series of series of gnathic type crusher, conic type crusher, conveyer of leather belt type, strike back series of crusher of type of type crusher series, hammer, vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy pounds type crusher series, circle brace up sieve series, helix washs the 9 old series such as arenaceous machine series, feeding machine series, the product of more than 100 kinds of of all kinds norms. The course is old develop steadily, already had a technology to excellent scientific research team and powerful scientific research develop ability and already passed attestation of ISO9001-2000 quality system, can roll out ceaselessly all sorts of advanced broken, grading, make arenaceous equipment, satisfy market demand adequately. Already had complete machine equipment spare parts to deserve to send network and after service network now. Ensure before offerring seasonable and considerate, satisfactory carry out for the client, after service.

My company acts on from beginning to end: “ sincere letter is this, quality the first, the user is consummate the management concept of ” , “ innovation spells gain, the poineering spirit of ” of encourage essence solidarity, everything is attention focus with the user, improve continuously, enhance an enterprise to satisfy the ability of user demand;
Reliable quality, banner technology and perfect after service are us the earnest acceptance to broad new old client:

With grand stand, build great exploit.

Expect with everybody the friend is entered in all hand in hand, start a career in all brilliant!
Connect a telephone call: 13937155063
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