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Henan innovation weighs project machine manufactory
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Manufactory of machine of Henan innovation heavy industry only then built 1989, will a few years develop ceaselessly, insist to be with science and technology oriented, early or late active designing institute of as famous as home mine equipment, building materials has club, gained good economic benefits and social benefit, make the user of our factory achieves more than 1000.
My miller should produce mine machinery equipment, partial product ever obtained achievement of national science and technology to recommend a product, crusher of type of if PEXZ is efficient and energy-saving finely jaw, strike back type exceeds fine crusher, win national patent. A few days ago, PE series strikes back type crusher, odd crusher of paragraph of hammer type crusher, annulus hammer type, odd paragraph hammer type strikes back crusher, conic crusher, feeding machine of type of medium, heavy template and all sorts of promotion machine, leather belt carries equipment, it is carbon of mine, road, coal, electric power, what want thing breaking equipment, the main product that is my factory more than 30 years. The client of my company already was spread all over domestic and international, get the accord of all circles user is approbated.

Henan innovation is versed in machine manufactory is passing indefatigable effort again, will offer for you most the technology that advance, excellent facilities and perfect service.
Product of equipment of hill of my factories and mines shows cent to be equipment of milling equipment, breaking equipment, mineral separation, reach current equipment 4 old series are close a variety of 30 products.
Milling equipment: Ramon is ground, exceed fine Ramon to grind, Ramon grinds high pressure, machine of pink of disintegrator of type of ball mill, agitate ball mill, selection by winnowing or wind, wood
Breaking equipment: Gnathic type crusher, hammer type crusher, strike back crusher, concussion type crusher, arenaceous to roller crusher, mechanism product line,

Stone is broken product line, compound crusher.
Connect a telephone call: 0371-66863902

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