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Energy-saving model technology of communication power source is looked into
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The society is in progress, applied technology is developing, everything is changing. Application of technology of communication power source is changeless it is opposite, changing is absolutely, family power source is mailed in Guangzhou serious according to " communication bureau (station) total technology of power source system asks " put into effect in the center, discover a lot of demand elements already produced the change of world-shaking, the height that should cause technologies of pair of communication power source to apply takes seriously.

Current situation analysis

Capacity of building power supply increases integrated, large communication equipment quickly, incline to of power supply system is giant, complication.

In the past, in a power supply system, configure 2-3 stage transformer, already calculated old system, now, a kind of a computer room, business its molopolize with n a transformer, match a generation set alone, already common occurance, already had configuration 12 transformer, deploy the power supply system of 6 generation set. Now, a communication equipment building already amounted to 16000KVA with report, already had power supply system of two high pressure alone power supply, have the power of the breakthrough greatly. Bear demand increases quickly, certainly will causes safe menace to primary power supply system, how is enlarge look plan made, how to carry out? How is carrying capacity of power source of provide for oneself configured? How to ensure safety of huge power supply system is operated, move, it is developing change element.

Mode of onefold dc power supply to dc, communication (mode of two kinds of power supply develops UPS) .

Before 1990, communication equipment is given priority to with using direct current source, use communication rarely. After 2000, development of Internet technology application is swift and violent, the development of IDC business, system of communication of high capacity data is like appear like emerge, the server of use alternating current source, road by implement a large number of addition, create communication power supply (UPS) is swift and violent development, communication (mode of UPS) power supply already was by the weak force change in the past strong. One is not mode of communication power supply, below choppy situation, hall and the ground of emperor enters communication cavalcade of special power supply, overwhelm, have the power of increase sharply greatly. Nevertheless, still be to use direct current source to give priority to in communication industry, occupy about 97% , communication (UPS) power supply system is occupied only 3% , but communicate (the security of UPS) power supply system, make a person very anxious.

Communicate (capacity of only system of UPS) power supply is ambitious at dc system.

Capacity of UPS old system already had exceed 1200KVA, (Its stand-alone capacity amounts to 3 1) power supply system 400KVA, in be not communication environment to apply, (Its stand-alone capacity has 1 1) power supply system be more than 600KVA. UPS system capacity is too large, responsibility of assumed power supply safety is big also, once appear breakdown of systematic power supply, it is very big that its affect a range, the impact of power cut of larger than town report even area is big still. Means of the dc system that this also advocated in the past with us, dispersive power supply is contrary to, common saying path: The egg is not placed in a basket. If setting of UPS system capacity is reasonable, difficulty of choice of parts of an apparatus, wire is little, construction difficulty is little, its lash-up beforehand the case is good make reach can carry out a gender strong, relevant resource also will get be usinged very well. Setting of UPS system capacity is how old and advisable, be worth to study deep and be discussed.
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