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Group of 5 great electric power plans to drive unifinication of coal circuit ha
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Of coal price rise, it is to make group of each great electric power industrial catenary the immediate cause of course of study of outspread and consummate parade. 8 years first half of the year, group of each great electric power takes different step or accuse, or share coal company, in order to make sure oneself report coal is supplied. However of coal price rising is an inducement with patulous catenary of power company industry merely, from long-term in light of, developing coal report affiliation and coal report unifinication is the long-term development strategy of power company.
Group of each great electric power grabs the near future in succession construction of dock of coal of beach Liaoning province, the report in afterwards is cast, greatly the Tang Dynasty, Hua Run, China can later, electric group also joined the country to save investment to construct the procession of coal dock in Liaoning. Country electric group 50 million tons large enter the water coal dock drafts optional location to visit calabash island town in Liaoning. So far, total scope of project of dock of coal of group of 5 great electric power amounts to 210 million tons, be located in Liaoning to save calabash island, bright and beautiful city and battalion mouth respectively 3 proximate haven. Long-term since, coal carries ability inadequacy, it is the main reason that brings about hasten of coal supply demand relations to tighten. And generate electricity the coal dock construction that the group saves in Liaoning, meaning in get through the passageway of coal supply and demand of base of Meng Dongneng source and southeast sea area, solve problem of the carry austral Meng Dong coal.

Investment of group of each great electric power builds haven to be regarded as to drive the signal of unifinication of coal circuit harbor. Haven of investment of group of each electric power realizes coal report unifinication except the supply that assures subordinate south power plant outside, also value the yield that northeastern region did not come to coal dock. As the development of Meng Dong coal, coal is measured through the go into business of Liaoning will swift and violent development, who is grabbed first first machine, will flow to hold competitive dominant position in content of prospective coal haven, so group of each electric power invests coal dock eagerly no wonder. Although the project is numerous dimensions is baronial, but as a result of Liaoning the dock that save coal builds lag, so 210 million tons quantity does not calculate very big, will look from long-term market should support construction.

But the construction of form a complete set that develops coal harbor to still should see railroad. And in report casts what build the van that goes up to go in group of other electric power undoubtedly in railroad of Meng Dong area, the railroad of bright and beautiful bare that invests by this group (Chi Feng of — of bright and beautiful city) already obtained national hair to change appoint approve is built at formal on June 18 start. Report casts on the spot of project of Meng Dongneng source to use up the coal of calorific value to build power plant of provide for oneself and pithead power plant in, through railroad general calorific value at the same time taller coal carries harbor of bright and beautiful city, return layout crossing power plant and haven power plant on the way, be in finally go into business of harbor of bright and beautiful city goes to odd coal use Shanghai, the report in assuring casts the coal of subordinate Shanghai electric power to supply, realize butt joint of coal report unifinication.
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