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Global economy is changeable manufacturing industry seeks transition to upgrade
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The forum of manufacturing industry of the 2nd Asia that builds the Asian manufacturing industry that can develop continuously to give priority to a problem with compose was held in Shenyang a few days ago.

Come from more than 20 world 500 mix by force transnational corporation main controller, home is famous and state-owned with economy of Industrial Development Organization of controller of civilian battalion company, U.N. , Asia-Pacific collaboration organizes the controller that waits for international to organize to wait, around the brand of manufacturing industry and innovation, answer the topic for discussion such as service of productivity of global inflation pressure, development and automobile industry, spread out dialog and communication. Chinese manufacturing industry makes the attention central point of current forum.

Lu Yongxiang: Chinese manufacturing industry still is in low end of division of labor of international value catenary

Lu Yongxiang of dean of vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, the Chinese Academy of Sciences sends congratulatory letter for forum, the prospective development ” that is “ China and Asia to make in the problem points out in written speech, the whole world makes a center be being transferred to the Asian country such as China, china has become the whole world of be worthy of the name to make big country. However, overall development level returns Chinese manufacturing industry not tall, the pressure of the sources of energy and environment is greater and greater, a lot of domains still stay in the low end that international value catenary divides the work, adverse position is in in international competition.

Lu Yongxiang points out, arrive from 2001 2006, gross value of industrial output of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry increases 2.3 trillion yuan from 618.5 billion yuan. Increase value scale to measure with industry, manufacturing industry of our country equipment is next to the United States, Japan and Germany, house world the 4th. Statistical data makes clear, productivity of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry and technical level promote considerably, but very as bigger than still having as photograph of manufacturing industry powerful nation difference, main show still is in the low end that global value catenary divides the work in Chinese manufacturing industry, own innovation ability is weak, technology of a lot of core and equipment count an import.

Huang Mengfu: Be aimed at manufacturing industry outlet suggested at 5 o'clock

Huang Mengfu of chairman of business association of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, whole nation goes out in speech middle finger, the Asia is the manufacturing industry important place that the whole world has vigor and latent capacity most. Because look progress of preexistence bound economy is faced with a lot of inaccuracy to decide element and potential risk, how to make health of Asian manufacturing industry develops, become can provide opportunity of product, service, obtain employment and the source that promote economic growth continuously, how to resolve the concern between manufacturing industry development and population, resource, environment, it is the issue that enterprise of manufacturing industry of Asian each country needs to be faced jointly.
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