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Heart project machine is own home of fill of machine of cold second birth of ro
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Recently, by limited company of machinery of Shandong heart project the WB525 road surface of own research and development Leng Zaisheng machine, be awarded “2007 jointly by the 4 ministries and commissions such as committee of national science and technology year title of ” of national emphasis new product, and fill our country is in the blank of this domain.

As we have learned, machine of cold second birth of WB525 road surface is equipment of core of cold reborn of road surface on the spot. Technology of cold second birth of road surface on the spot, as a kind new old Lu Weixiu transforms a method, have the characteristic with efficient and environmental protection, energy-saving, low cost, already made multilateral home get be usinged extensively on the world now, become the road on international to maintain one of transformed main methods. In recent years, technology of second birth of bitumen road surface is built in our country highway and popularize stage by stage in conserve. Shandong heart is versed in mechanical limited company answers a country actively to develop circular economy, construction energetically managing model social appeal, successful development gave this one new product and throw on the market. Current, already many 50 product waits for a province to get be used extensively in Shandong, Heibei, Henan, Jiangsu, produced favorable social beneficial result and economic benefits.

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