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Russia develops mechanical nurse to be able to collect hematic sample humanness
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Beijing time on October 7 message, according to foreign media coverage, current, group of research of a scientist develops Russia Moscow university successfully ” of nurse of machinery of ——“ of product of patent of a kind of new-style medicine, it can replace a nurse to collect patient blood sample, have intramuscular injection.

Much · of Wei Ke of controller of this research group Saduoweiniche (Viktor Sadovnichi) says, equipment of injection of this kind of mechanical can realize the intramuscular injection to the patient, collect hematic sample to undertake an analysis, present final analytic result, all these need not the nurse's assistance. Up to now, return on the world full automatic without this kind medical treatment machine.

Saduoweiniche points out, in this the help of new invention falls, people will cast off a lot of troubles. If you have ” of such mechanical nurse of a “ , there is life disease to need inject muscle stitch in the home so, will need not head for a hospital again. It can collect hematic sample without painful ground, undertake below alexipharmic condition medicine is operated, and operate corresponding cure credit analyse accurately. Predict this unit will appear on the market 2009, it will pull a firm of medical apparatus and instruments to undertake series batch is produced in Russia graph.

Except ” of “ mechanical nurse, muscovite university scientist is developing ” of “ machinery doctor with all one's strength at present, the design purpose of this device is the both hands that replaces a doctor. Saduoweiniche says, the both hands of Doctor “ is in the operation and can not contact to any patient cut, our target is to design plant of a kind of mechanical touch, can undertake filming to sufferring the organ of infection to organize, carry operation of computer screen undergo surgery next. ”

Current, buy of this new clothes already obtained manufacturing license now, predict before long hind can throw production.

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