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Project machinery industry lifts tide of global big conformity
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Came one many year in the past the atmosphere of occurrence roiling on with full force of industry of domestic project machinery, international tycoon company and domestic bibcock company developed a series of different common buy recombine, whole industry enters the period of industrial big conformity. Xu Gong changes the whole process that control in, ever attracted card spy those to strap international of company, United States to invest group, Magendatong the angle of the numerous international capital such as company of management of investment of business of Asia-Pacific of Asian investment fund, Huaqi.  
Finally triumphant thunder with 375 million dollar (amount to makes an appointment with 3 billion yuan of RMB) the price obtains Xu Gong the group is current and wholy-owned had subsidiary Xu Gong is mechanical the equity of 85% ; Couplet heavy division buys mechanical limited company of engineering of Hunan riverside Yuan in, annex of Shenyang machine tool makes machine of big elder brother; Academy of Tianjin project machine and combination of company of whole set of Chinese project machine recombine head office of Chinese project machine; The group that fight hill also values market of Chinese project machine very much, the target of the China that fight hill is sale achieved 2015 25 billion yuan. In October 2005, board of directors of Kang Mingsi whole world is in Beijing to hold, the market of Chinese project machine of flying development in Carter those is strapped, the increasingly significant position in the global layout of the international tycoon such as Kangmingsi. On November 18, 2005, one of leaders of machine of global mine project, the Shanghai of —— of the first factory that hill spy dimension overcomes group of mine project machinery to be in China fine calm factory throws operation formally.
Tycoons of a series of this domestic and international mechanical industry attack a city mediumly to unplug in home market stockaded village, show the huge attraction of market of domestic project machine and development potential. And make a person more side purpose is, inc. of machine of project of Nature's engineering of at the height of power and splendour exports 140 land leveler to Argentina at 2005.8.11 days from Tianjin harbor start shipment, value of equipment of machinery of this batch of projects is close 100 million yuan of RMBs, it is current till the export business with odd the biggest pen of industry of our country land leveler. International invite public bidding is purchased this in Argentine government in, nature's engineering of at the height of power and splendour is strapped with card spy those, Woerwo, contemporary hold the belt of the with one action in the intense competition that waits for international well-known company, new phase was opened in North America market. Invest 300 million yuan of build by Nature's engineering courtyard the Tianjin engineering of 260 thousand square metre is mechanical (science and technology) industrial garden already was under construction on full steam at going, new industry garden is built have 4 modern workshop and center of a large research and development, ground of will whole organizational system blends in Nature's engineering courtyard and company of Nature's engineering of at the height of power and splendour, the base of core of industry of Tianjin project machinery that forms volume section, labour, trade to be an organic whole.
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