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"915 " industry of machinery of our country chemical industry will welcome new
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According to Chinese chemical industry equipment association is forecasted, as oil and chemical industry “ add grows quickly during 915 ” , industry of machinery of Chinese chemical industry will greet new development period. Industry of machinery of Chinese chemical industry is the new change that gets used to the trade demand such as oil and chemical industry, undertaking to qualitative promotion by the dilate of the quantity new change of round of strategy. Long-term since, machine of our country chemical industry is original innovation is insufficient, entire industry is in deficit brim, contemporary and large petro-chemical equipment is imported in great quantities is to cause one of main reasons with this trade low economic benefits. Chemical machinery industry welcomed produce and sale 2004 the hot prices of two flourishing, with one action turned round situation of entire trade deficit. Its are main reason: It is domestic and international market above all exuberant to oil and chemical equipment demand; It is technical progress promoted entire industry economic benefits next; 3 it is trade structural adjustment and company change make achieve progress.

According to 2004—2005 year market of machine of Chinese chemical industry studies year report shows, look from demand structure, at present the demand latent capacity such as petro-chemical machinery, plastic machinery still very big. Can say, chemical machinery industry is in after having gone through hardship, economic benefits will maintain steady growth, hopeful ends the phase of long-term deficit, begin to transform to benign development.

Expert analysis thinks, since last year, upsurge as international crude price, oil refining enterprise is in improving oil refining process, light qualitative oil is tasted close rate, started construction or transform climax of oil hydrogenation device. Current, our country has hydrogenation unit many 100, and second half of the year was in first half of the year to 2005 2004 build and build hydrogenation device to have 45. Demand of domestic hydrogenation device magnifies suddenly, make equipment makes company occurrence product demand exceeds supply situation. Many chemical machinery made an enterprise receive a large number of order that did not see for years 2004, product sale promotes considerably, promote again first half of the year this year 30% . Apparent, the progress that petrifaction industry gives chemical industry mechanical industry was offerred strong prop up.

In recent years, chinese oil and industry of chemical machinery equipment also fetch bigger gain in respect of own research and development, 3.5 million tons of / that by Chinese proper motion the design makes year device of heavy oil catalytic cracking casts makings test-drive success in Dalian petrifaction, the mark is worn the technology of catalytic cracking whole set that China owns own intellectual property from now on, had world-class the engineering design of device of large catalytic cracking, production and construction actual strength; The ethylene cold case that Hangzhou makes design of oxygen engine plant make changes 710 thousand tons of / in swallow year ethylene plant joins movement successfully, realized large ethylene cold box is homebred change, achieve international advanced level; The nation that by Hefei general and mechanical institute assumes is major technical equipment is homebred change innovation project —1 the development of sphere of natural gas of 10 thousand stere is successful, fill home is blank.
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