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Market Forecast and Analysis China Crusher
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Following 2006, after double-digit growth rates, according to the U.S. Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) annual forecast survey, crusher equipment manufacturers in 2007 the industry will show modest growth. Such gains Will spread to the United States, Canada and parts of the world market. Crusher equipment they expected industry-wide U.S. sales in 2006 will be 11.2% increase over 2005. The end of 2006, Canada's trade volume will grow 12.7%. Rest of the world market, sales are expected to grow 10.9%. For 2007, survey participants expect U.S. sales to grow by 3.9%, Canada 5.0% increase, while the rest of the world market, growth is projected at 6.4%. China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Jiang Lin, Deputy Secretary-General pointed out that when an industry or product export growth of 40% to 70% in the case of boom period, when the sustained period of time, will enter the high risk of trade friction, China break Broken machinery industry is undergoing such a period. With the acceleration of world economic integration, the traditional means of gradually weakening or abolition of trade barriers, anti-dumping and technical barriers to trade more and more be used. Developed countries benefit With the technology, the whole country or region to maintain security, protect human, animal or plant safety and environmental protection reasons, the continued adoption of technical regulations, standards, certification, patents and other means to increase market technical threshold for China Batch export products to build trade barriers. Therefore, export growth in the current situation, we must remain sober and rational understanding, and enhance international trade friction and dispute prevention awareness and means. Last year's Hand pallet truck to our anti-dumping case of construction machinery industry has sounded the alarm. In international trade, enterprises need to pay attention crusher and prevention, including insurance, such as two anti-II (anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures and special safeguard Measures), technical barriers, political, financial, and appreciation of the renminbi and other risks. In addition, Jiang Lin also warned domestic enterprises to increase exports, the foreign debt has become "the interests of the rose" after "risk thorns." Many export enterprises that the markets of developed countries more secure, but the facts and Is not so. Import and export trade, the developed countries and regions, the importers to ease their financial pressure, reduce transaction costs and often require exporters to provide deferred payment transactions, and thus the risk of exchange earnings with The increase. However, with the developed countries, huge market potential and development opportunities, out of large customers, old customers of the over-reliance, crusher enterprises lack the necessary vigilance, relaxed trade risk control, resulting in the risk Over-concentration. Extensive use of the credit settlement companies export goods, while exports increased substantially promoted, but also brought a large number of overdue accounts receivable, some enterprises arrears rate even as high as 30% or more, far higher than the West Enterprise is an average of 0.25 ~ 0.5% level. According to statistics, China's overseas bad debts at an annual rate of increase of 15 billion U.S. dollars, since the cumulative occurrence of overdue accounts receivable from overseas has more than 1000 billion U.S. dollars.
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