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The most technologically advanced country crusher building a strong brand advoca
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According to the relevant department of statistics, from 2008 to 2009, mining equipment in China has surpassed the number of production units in Europe and America market, has become the world's largest supplier. By 2010 the end of mining equipment production will reach 50% of world production. This is a welcome figure, it is worrying achievement. China's huge infrastructure needs in the promotion of rapid industrial development, also formed the industrial chain, increase the burden of serious oversupply crisis. Faced with this situation, the most worrying thing is the overall level of domestic still far behind developed countries, the market share of more than half of consumers are occupied by foreign companies. In this case, private companies and national brands will become more difficult, at a competitive disadvantage. In this regard, once by businesses as "the most technologically advanced crushing machine" manufacturers - Chengdu Great Hongli Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. that, in the context of the industry only by adhering to the road of technological innovation, enhance their overall capacity, establish and improve the service protection to competition in the rough on the wind and the stream. To this end, Chengdu Great macro set the machine at home and abroad have spent lots of money to hire personnel, continue to learn the international advanced technology, product improvement and upgrading to be repeated, and strive to create the best sand and gravel production equipment. The most technologically advanced nation is in such a crusher experiment again and again and improve the production and get out of this winning. Excess production in the industry, companies are now selling low-profit, Chengdu, Hong Li machine that large manufacturers have "full sweep" "one-stop" service capacity is a measure of business strength and potential for future development of important standards. This includes: the full set of production capacity, equipment, full technical support, improve and perfect after-sale system and the financial aspects of financial leasing assistance. This is not just to acquire and retain "the most technologically advanced country crusher" honor thing, it is a production management system to improve and upgrade the overall requirements. The Chengdu Great macro set the machine also believe, as long as these do a good job of work, businesses will be from the "National Technical best crusher" has become a world-class experts gravel equipment.
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