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Shanghai Zenith wise and innovative pioneering jaw crusher Zenith created an
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Shanghai Zenith is a production of large and medium-sized series crusher, sand making machine, milling machine, set the development, production, sales as one of the joint-stock company. Since established in 1987, the company of modern enterprise and scientific management methods, precision manufacturing, innovation, rapid development and expansion into China's machinery manufacturing industry the moment shining pearl, 2010, Shanghai Zenith pay more attention to product quality, customer service, the West Chicago Service should be standardized, value, series, differentiation, brand quality, service and enhance credibility. Jaw Crusher is the most commonly used international crusher, a crushing ratio, even granularity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sub-coarse and fine broken broken two. The maximum compressive strength of the material to be broken as 320MPa. Medium and large jaw crusher which is the Shanghai Zenith is one of the leading products, especially in the design and production of large jaw crusher, the leader in the country has been at the absolute level. In 2010, Shanghai Zenith first deep cavity jaw crusher to improve, with a friction-free fragmentation mechanism, the material in the crushing process, the jaw of the material acts as the pure squeeze pressure without sliding; crushing chamber with a variable opening angle curve-shaped cavity, and through rational design holding the various parts of cavity-shaped angle and length to achieve filled with broken jaw crusher increased the capacity to ensure uniform particle size crusher broken; using a simple and practical and more functional mechanical, hydraulic, electrical protection systems. When the crusher is overloaded, the machine quickly to protect the safety clutch and pulley spindle crusher torn off, the crusher idle, simultaneous alarm. Once the overload is discharged, can quickly reset, no need to replace any parts. In addition, when the crusher when abnormal conditions (such as the lubrication system failure, damage to major components, etc.), multi-function protection system can be quickly cut off the power, the crusher stops and also issued to the police. This is the crusher of the security and reliability are increased; nesting I adjusted just before and after adjustment of the fixed jaw position, without changing the fixed jaw position. The adjustment is very convenient time-saving, and to the geometry of the thrust sector, size, always maintaining the best condition; the main moving parts of the crusher, such as the front thrust plate, thrust plate mandrel, connecting rod eccentric shaft, bearings and spindles are a fully enclosed lubrication, sealing effect, strength, manufacturing and maintenance easy. 2010, Shanghai Zenith wise innovation, focus on the launch the European version Jaw Crusher, JC European version of the new jaw crusher from Shanghai Zenith developed a new type jaw crusher, is for highways, railways, airport runways and other projects for building stone broken by the development of advanced equipment. New jaw crusher broken using the most advanced technology and manufacturing level, is more rigid, strong abrasive materials of choice for high-performance products when broken. Highways, railways, airport runways, large buildings and other projects mostly basalt, with a stone-based hard rock, specifications in the 3-7 or 2-8 centimeters, and the hardness of the broken material is relatively large, usually broken jaw (jaw broken ) not only low yields and easy to wear. New jaw crusher compared to the traditional secondary jaw crusher, for both service life, maintenance rate, failure rate reflects its unique advantages, while supporting the use of cone relative to the broken, stone shaping machine for cost is also low. Shanghai Zenith is the world's leading rock and mineral processing equipment, production and export enterprises, since its inception has been installed around the world, tens of thousands of units (sets) of the broken equipment. Today, Shanghai Zenith development and production of the European version Jaw Crusher has become the undisputed world's most popular jaw crusher. When considering efficient on hard, strong corrosive materials were broken, they should first choose the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing level of the European version Jaw Crusher. Shanghai Zenith R & D as a driving force, innovation, enterprise development to provide the inexhaustible power. Pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of the largest customer satisfaction, is all, "West Chicago man," the highest goal, the company adhere to the integrity of attitude, style and win a pragmatic purpose, customers willing to join hands with new glory.
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