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The classification of stone crusher uses the introduction
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Stone crusher basically has the following sort: Stone crusher of hammer type stone crusher, rotary kiln type, strike back type stone crusher, concussion type stone crusher, conic stone crusher, complex formula stone crusher, gnathic type stone crusher.

General situation of gnathic type crusher: Basically have frame, eccentric shafe, big leather belt annulus, flywheel, move fender of gnathic, side, bracket, bracket unoccupied place screw of backlash, attune, return spring, stationary jaw plate and mobile jaw board wait for composition, among them bracket still has insurance effect. Stone crusher of this series gnathic type is broken means moves extruding for music model, right now broken already stock falls buccal eduction from broken antrum, turn as electromotor broken motor-driven jaw makes periodic crunch and platoon material continuously, realize batch production. Strike back type stone crusher: Odd rotor turns over checkmate to have a structure simple, broken the finished product after tall, weight is light, broken shows lower than big, specific power consumption, yield the advantage such as cubic body, can offer mineral separation, chemical, cement, building, fireproof material, pottery and porcelain, glass to wait for industrial department to be used at in break and finely of the stock of all sorts of medium hardness with, but because turn over checkmate bar,wear away extremely easily, it also is restricted on the application with hard broken stock, turn over checkmate to be used normally thick broken, medium broken or finely limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, pyritic stone, gesso and industrial chemicals in hard the following brittleness stock.

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