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Crusher of limestone of dragon of day luck stone transforms a record
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Product line of grog of cement of 2x5000T/D of Tian Ruishi dragon is designed by Tianjin courtyard, in December 2006 put into production. Crusher of limestone of this product line is sheet of the 20D22 that by Shanghai some company offers double rotor paragraph hammer type crusher, move to be paid no attention to all the time since put into production want, main show is: Hammer axis and comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb rupture often, crop can obtain the in part that designs crop only, restricting the normal production of company of dragon of day luck stone badly.

On March 6, name of company of dragon of day luck stone, be an official the company concerns company and name of Changshu be an official leader and technical personnel are opposite jointly project feasibility, transform plan and the circumstance that offer money undertook communicating, the decision falls in the premise of ceaseless kiln, after demolishing existing limestone crusher, use former some to earth builds a foundation to install and debug new crusher.

Because the cycle of 10 days that offer money is too finite really, so every link must clutch, accomplish Ning Jie to make an appointment with the one second after one second does not procrastinate, company design personnel is in name of be an official Changshu works before dawn at 3 o'clock, send job shops blueprint early in the morning the following day, begin to implement plan by the plan. Be restricted by existence condition of product line of stone dragon cement, component of a lot of existing crusher can be not used directly, must undertake be makinged afresh or rework, this gives transform brought quite great difficulty, especially among them some of component must be cast afresh, name of this Changshu be an official to doing not have foundry is a very big test for the company.

On March 21 22: 00, as a result of original crusher again breakdown, limestone is broken product line is forced stop production, stone dragon company decides to begin to undertake original crusher works demolishing at 22 days ahead of schedule. On March 26 in the morning 8: 30, installation of crusher of the TKPC14002 that by name of be an official the company offers limestone ends and undertake do not have bear test-drive, undertake bear test-drive is produced the following day. On March 27, this project is transformed finish, crusher of the TKPC14002 that by name of be an official the company offers limestone runs stability, crop and granuality all achieve the requirement of stone dragon company, owner is transformed to this project express special satisfaction.

Crusher of limestone of dragon of day luck stone transforms a purpose to carry out reflected name of be an official the manner with urgent place of company urgent owner and quick response ability, also be name of be an official at the same time the company gained reputation, group of luck of after this day is in Dalian and project of state of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, with name of be an official below the circumstance that does not have invite public bidding the company signed contract of crusher of two socle grey stone, reflected owner further to name of be an official the affirmation of Wu of company product kimono is mixed accredit.
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