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Concussion makes arenaceous machine safeguard with safe technology
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1, stop regularly machine open observation door to observe crusher interior wear out condition, the center enters cap of makings canal, awl, impeller to go up, of mean path scaleboard, circumferential fender, wear-resisting piece wear away degree, after wearing away, answer to change in time or repair, change should change at the same time when wear-resisting piece, make sure wear-resisting piece weight is identical. Forbidden crusher opens observation door to observe in-house work condition in working process, lest produce risk. Discover impeller body wears away to change in time look for manufactory home to repair. 2, broken stone machine uses car of beautiful inspire confidence in sb to use grease fancy or 3# lithium base fat, every work 400 hours to join right amount grease, work 2000 hours to open main shaft assembly to undertake cleaning to bearing, work 7200 hours commonly, change new bearing. Upright bearing is move about end on main shaft assembly, lower end bearing is fixed end, after assembling, pull with the hand move leather belt annulus to should turn agile. 3, taut power volume should adjust transmission triangle adhesive plaster proper, get power in order to assure trigonometry adhesive plaster even, when drive of double electric machinery, adhesive plaster of two side triangle should undertake be choosinged in group matching, its every groups of length agree as far as possible. Should adjust make electric current of two electric machinery differs a value not to exceed 15A.

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