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Strike back type crusher is fragile a research of material and be on guard
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L crusher is fragile operating mode and material choose character

1. Condition of 1 operating mode

Quartzite and quartz are used in project of water and electricity of 5 strong small streams sandstone makes arenaceous stone, undertake concrete next make up. The SIO in these two kinds of arenaceous stone. Content amounts to 75% ~ 90% , mohs hardness 7 class above, compressive strength is 200, 300MPa. Introduce strike back crusher technology parameter is: Rotor diameter 1000 × wide 1000mm, min of / of rotate speed 740r, power 160 Kw, the biggest it is 150mm into makings granuality, h of / of broken ability 120 T. What bring randomly in equipment is fragile an assessment of classics spot production, service life is 110, 125 H. Fragile fittings is running characteristic of medium another operating mode is: The pounds hammer and tall hardness quartzite that high speed runs collides repeatedly, temperature of surface of concussion hammer job is as high as 500, 600 ℃ , accordingly, fight grind material to must have enough tenacity and hardness below higher temperature.

1. 2 wear away mechanism

The concussion in opposing checkmate broken machine rushs in Nuo hammer, strike back board etc fragile wearing away is authentic cut type to grind bead to wear away. This kind wears away is the groove with exterior meet an emergency and mechanical stronger strain wears away, because abrasive is below outside force action,the formation of groove is, cut person metal matrix with fixed rate, break away from via a paragraph of slippage hind and metallic matrix, leave a path groove on matrix thereby. The formation of groove depends on the relative value of the size of local stress and metallic surface and abrasive hardness. Below the circumstance of identical stress, abrasive hardness is bigger, produce groove more easily. Because hardness of arenaceous bright stone is big, the groove that arises to metallic matrix consequently often takes main place in wear away.

1. 3 material choose character

To draw lessons from foreign experience, above all the metallographic organization that we import product incomplete substance to abstruse steel couplet, mechanical function and chemical composition undertook analytic a test, the result makes clear, the data that entrance fittings place uses is fought for tall alloy wear stuff, its chemistry composition sees a table 1, its metallographic organization adds a lump for martensite carbide adds proeutectoid carbide, hardness is HRC62 ~ 64. We are right domestic and international commonly used fight those who wear stuff to used a circumstance to undertake comprehensive survey and objective are analysed, undertook according to striking back the working principle of type crusher reachs domestic natural resources on this foundation much material experiments character again, choose CYK tall chromic alloy cast iron to undertake trial-produce.

2 strike back type defeats stone machine to fight grind development

CYK tall aluminium alloy is cast-iron in the fusion inside intermediate frequency electric induction furnace, fused temperature is 1500 ~ 1550 ℃ , in order to ensure alloy fuse diffuses adequately, organize grain to prevent cast bulky or appear cold lie between, the blemish such as elephant skin, mould temperature control is in 1380 ℃ of 1360 ~ .
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