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The development of wall of make friends joint of bones mixes garden awl crusher
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1. The select material of workpiece of make friends white wall is analysed

Accept power position according to what workpiece of wall of make friends joint of bones falls in operating condition condition, enlist in army characteristic (Gao Zhou second strong impact, grind, extruding, cut repeatedly) , combinative home uses wear-resisting material current situation at present, analyse via a series of contrast, experiment repeatedly we chose to be in strong impact, grind, extruding, cut operating mode powerful potential is had below the condition (treatment hardening capacity) the material that tall manganese steel regards wall of joint of bones of the make friends that make as workpiece is qualitative.

1. Component of chemistry of workpiece of wall of joint of bones of 1 make friends is decided really

The wearability of tall manganese steel by the chemical component of steel, content of the field trash in steel, of the carbide in steel deliquescent with slant analyse is spent, the brilliant granuality of steel and the actor that cast quality are poor decision.

The each element to its function influence in 1.2 tall manganese steel

Carbon: Wearability of cast of tall manganese steel is not the volume that contain carbon jumps over wear-resisting higher, have a limiting value however, should contain carbon to measure > carbide of separate out of condition of the casting after 1.4 % is very much, the carbide when Shui Ren is handled cannot complete dissolve goes in austenite, the carbide of clearance solid dissolve also reached saturation, do not have advantage to wearability not only so, and the intensity that reduces material and tenacity, when enlisting in army rupture easily.

Manganese: Because tall manganese steel contains manganese the volume is high, the casting appearance organization of steel is earthen bowl of abstruse family name and carbide, via 1000 ℃ the left and right sides adds hot water temper by dipping in water to handle (call Shui Ren processing normally) hind. Majority carbide originallies dissolve in austenite, the organization of steel is single-phase austenite or austenite adds a few carbide.

Phosphor: Phosphor dissolves alone very few in steel, constant with Fe2p, the formal consist in of Fe3P makes the intensity of steel, tenacity and wearability are reduced greatly on crystal boundary, carbolic content tall aggravate P with in all brilliant form separate out is on crystal boundary. To assure function, should follow the following concern: C%=11.27-2.761 × P% . Phosphorous content ≤ should be controlled in production 0. 08 % : Important, complex, large wall ≤ 0. 07 % .

According to above analysis, the component of chemistry of tall manganese steel that this second experiment uses at making work of wall of make friends joint of bones certainly is ZGMnl3-3, namely 0.9-1.3 % C, 11.0-14.0 % Mn, 0.3-0.8 % Si, 0.08 % of ≤ of S ≤ 0.05% P.

2. 1 craft designs a point
(1) large car board modelling craft: Size of the outline outside workpiece of wall of the joint of bones that occupy make friends is large (615.5) of × of 1410.1 of 2360 × φ is φ swing tower, designed large car board modelling craft, with intermediate straight runner, 4 shoot molten iron of infuse of the runner inside shape double deck, the rising head side 4 top pressing fills shrink reach much element control to cast new technology.
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