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Technology of iron ore mineral separation reachs brief introduction of mineral s
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(one) ore is broken

Our country ore dressing plant is used commonly thick broken, medium defeat and fine cut 3 paragraphs of broken flow broken iron ore. Thick broken multi-purpose 1.2 m or crusher of type of 1.5 m cycle, defeat in use 2.1 m or 2.2 m standard type conic type crusher, fine broken use 2.1 m or 2.2 m short head dummy conic type crusher. Pass thick broken ore, its piece degree do not be more than 1 m , pass next medium, fine broken, screening is less than the end item of 12 m m to send the chamfer that grind mine into ore granuality.

(2) anthology fasten a technology

1 . Magnetite mineral separation

Basically use choose those who fasten low grade " saddle hill type " magnetite. Because ore magnetism is strong, good it is good to grind anthology, factory of domestic magnetic separation all uses level to grind mine and much phase to wear mine circuit, the magnetite that embeds cloth to thick bead is used former (one paragraph grinds mine) , the magnetite that granule, small granule embeds cloth uses latter (2 paragraphs or 3 paragraphs grind mine) (graph 3.2.23) . The permanent magnetism of the seriation that him our country develops is changed, make magnetic separation machine realized permanent magnetism to change. After 70 time, because was in countrywide magnetite ore dressing plant to popularize sieve to grind new technology again, make concentrate grade raised 66 % left and right sides by 62 % , realized metallurgical industry ministry to put forward concentrate grade to achieve the requirement of 65 % .

2. Mineral separation of weak magnetic iron ore

Basically use anthology not hematite of mine of hematite, limonite, spiegeleisen, siderite, false appearance or mixture mine, namely so called " red mine " . This kind of ore grade the low, granuality that embed cloth is fine, mineral composition is complex, anthology fasten difficulty. After 80 time, respect of mineral separation technology is magnetic separation, wet to roast the research of the technological process such as strong magnetic separation, weak magnetic floatation and reelect, equipment and new breed drug is improved ceaselessly, make concentrate grade, metal reclaims rate is constant rise. If ore dressing plant of saddle steel Qi Dashan uses weak magnetism, strong magnetism, the new technological process of floatation (graph 3.2.24) , score encouraging success.

3. Much metal in all (companion) unripe mine mineral separation

Composition of this kind of ore complex, type is diversiform, the method that uses accordingly, equipment and flow also each are not identical, if iron ore of rich of white cloud another name for Hubei province is used,turn over floatation, much gradient magnetic separation, garrulous coagulates floatation, weak magnetism - turn over floatation - strong magnetic separation, weak magnetism - the different technological process such as magnetic separation of floatation, roast, with raising iron reclaim rate, reclaim integratedly rare earth oxide. Kapok iron ore obtains the vanadium iron concentrate that 53 % of TF e control through magnetic separation, the gangue after magnetic separation is swept through weak magnetism anthology - strong magnetic separation - reelect - floatation - dry report is chosen, obtain titanium concentrate and sulfur cobaltic concentrate, reclaim titanium and cobalt. Iron ore of big smelt metal uses weak magnetism - strong magnetism and floatation, reclaim integratedly iron, copper and the element such as cobaltic, sulfur.
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