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The main job principle of broken machine
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Because the appearance of stock grain is irregular, and the content sex of stock is different, use so smash the method is different also, use mechanical power to smash stock presses bring to bear on outside force is different be like below a few kinds of methods:
1 crunch stock park between two working face, after using force, stock is broken because of pressing stress to achieve its compressive strength, this kind of method is used commonly at broken chunk stock.
2 break off the working plane that breaks stock park a plane reachs an edge that take a tip between, when the working plane that should take sharp edge squashs to stock, the direction of line of action of pressure of stock general edge is broken off broken. Because break off those who crack plane to go up to pull,breaking off cracked reason is stress is achieved or exceed limit of stock tensile strength. The tensile strength limit of stock is a lot of smaller than compressive strength limit.
3 fold broken stock to suffer curve stress action and broken. Be borne to focus the 2 fulcrum Jian Zhiliang of load action or much fulcrum roof beam by broken stock. When the curves stress to obtain stock flexural strength of stock, be broken off namely and broken.
Broken stock of 4 strong checkmate suffers wallop effect and broken, because its are broken,force is instantaneous action, its are broken efficiency is tall, broken use up than big, energy little, concussion is broken be like below a few kinds of circumstances:
(The object to stock concussion that 1) moves
(The stock that 2) high speed moves makes impact to permanent worker
(The stock that 3) high speed moves is pounded each other
(The working style that 4) high speed moves is pounded to impending stock
5 molar (abrade)
After constant pressure and shearing force effect sufferring between the working surface of stock and motion, when its cut stress to reach the shear strength limit of stock, stock smashs, or when stock chafes between each other cut, grinding action and make stock broken.

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