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Collect is finely, exceed finely the crusher at an organic whole -- conic type r
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The finely, major shake-up that exceeds grinding -- conic type roller pressOne, product brief introduction Press of conic type roller uses the vertical pink of original creation to grind a structure, itintegrated roller press, stand grind, lie the characteristic that roller grinds andGood qualities, With more simplewhat means realized ore is finely and exceed finely. It is OK that the patent technology of press of conic type roller depends on unique structure according to the hardness of broken stock and product bead class distributinging demand is adjusted quickly, production gives the high quality product of contented client demand; Encounter the round screw die when cannot splitting stock to avoid automatically at the same time let and restoration, made sure equipment is efficient and move steadily. Use press of conic type roller to regard as beforehand pink is ground, transform construction handy, put into production is fast and do not affect production, economic integration benefit is good. 2, efficient pink grinds a principle Press of conic type roller uses makings layer to smash principle and middling pressure are ground repeatedly pressure smash principle. Give stock into makings mouth by upside, the charging tray that be swung distributings equably to form makings layer in cone wall, get in slippery below freedom process of group of round screw die roller is pressed and smash repeatedly, finally from airframe bottom automatic discharge. Clearance is adjustable between round screw die and taper seat in order to achieve different and finely requirement and goal, at the same time group of round screw die is body of the sex that be not steel, encounter cannot defeat stock to avoid automatically let and restoration, applicability is strong. 3, equipment characteristic and advantage 1, use makings layer to smash, middling pressure is ground repeatedly press principle and material of tall alloy wear-resisting, broken wear and tear is ton of stock only 8 grams of 5 ~ , fragile a service life is long. 2, applicability is strong, application is wide. Clearance is adjustable between round screw die and inner cone face, what can be used at of all kinds stock already is finely, usable also Yu Chao is finely and exceed grinding, should enter cannot when broken stock, through stretch device implementation avoids effectively let automatic restoration; 3, the structure is simple, the operation is safeguarded convenient, quick, moving stability, reliable; 4, power consumption is low, withRoller press, stand grind, lie roller grinds photograph comparing red-letter dayElectric 40-60% ; 5, close the gender is good, noise is low, do not have Yang Chen basically. 4, technical parameter: Model Date Take makings size (Mm
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