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Strike back type crusher develops course with what pound type crusher
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Strike back type crusher and the development that pound type crusher are mixed use course

1. In 5 kinds of big commonly used broken machine, strike back type crusher and hammer type crusher are belonged to together come with pounding action to give priority to the machine of broken brittleness stock, reason often is called to pound type crusher. Pound type crusher and the crusher that give priority to with extruding action, the photograph such as crusher of garden awl and the type that be like jaw, roller type is compared, have the following feature:
A. Broken than big. The broken Bikeda that pounds type crusher arrives 50 above, and crusher of garden awl and gnathic type, roller type exceeds 20 very hard. Then, in need sheet paragraph broken circumstance, for example the limestone of cement industry is broken, concussion type crusher is used very general.
B. Product grain is good. In concussion action falls, by broken stock often along its disintegrate of the flimsiest level, this kind of alternative broken method, the probability that its grain shows cubic pattern is higher, the needle of product of crusher of reason concussion type piece content of shape per cent but under 10 % , and the needle of the crusher product such as garden awl and gnathic type, roller type piece content of shape per cent is met prep above 15 % . Then, in the situation that needs cubic grain. For example, the slippery road surface of advanced course highway, use concussion type crusher to regard as normally cut facility eventually, produce concrete aggregate.
Afore-mentioned characteristics, make pound type crusher to have important place in numerous broken machine.
2. however, because concussion type crusher is to use concussion principle broken stock, its are hit, be like: Peen, bar, strike back board etc, in use wears away very fast. This kind of blemish, inside quite long period, limitation pounds the suitable scope of type crusher. Can use at only in of hard stock broken. At the beginning of the fifties, as the application of new-style wear-resisting material, german KHD company rolls out hard rock to strike back above all type crusher, broke this kind of limit, the improvement of this kind of type at present still aborning.
Our country is in end already had the fifties strike back type crusher comes out, before 80 time, strike back type crusher confine is mixed at processing coal homebredly in limestone and so on hard stock. Till 80 time end manufacturer of machine of former Shanghai construction introduces KHD hard rock to strike back type crusher, fill home is blank. But backward abroad more than 20 years. Graph one, show two kinds 2 times to strike back type crusher is on structure of antrum form design, rotor, be the same as far from especially on the material of bar and outfit card method. Homebred hard rock strikes back type crusher, in the begining bar of its core spare parts counts an import, homebred change bar to be during 85 ” of “ label ministry class scientific research to tackle key problem project, after the project is successful, homebred bar replaces an entrance not only, and already exported the nation such as Euramerican, Japan in great quantities. The breakthrough of wear-resisting material, make hard rock strikes back type crusher with might doubled, limited company of equipment of machinery of bridge of road of mere Shanghai construction (company of bridge of road of construction of the following abbreviation) for exemple: 10 years, hard rock strikes back type crusher sells growth 15 times. Export increases 10 times, the capital works that is our country makes contribution.
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