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Magnetic separation machine chooses the application of iron in river sand
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Because our country is steely in last few years raw material----Of price of iron essence pink climb litre, river sand chooses the profit of iron to rise substantially, special and mechanical----River sand chooses the equipment of series mineral separation such as machine of iron boat, magnetic separation to be able to be inside countrywide limits large area promotion.

These mineral separation equipment roughly working principle is:

river sand through magnetic separation machine medium magnetic iron is singled out come.

Representative facility is had below- - the construction that digs Sha Xuantie boat, principle and operating rules brief introduction are as follows:

Dig the sanded boat that elect iron to fight sand of the system that dig sand, screening system, magnetic separation system, end to eliminate system, power system to comprise by floating body, catenary. Above all, there is water in wadi, our mineral separation equipment must want float to work on surface, the armor plate make it that accordingly we use 3.5-4 millimeter floating body, what spend according to digging Sha Shen is different, the width of floating body and length have corresponding dimension demand, general width is between 1.5-2 rice, length is between 16-32 rice. Additional, we the stability to add a ship, between two floating body removed certain distance, control for 1.5 meters commonly. Just as its name implies, of equipment of this mineral separation go up makings system is the system digging sand that catenary fights form, river sand is fought by catenary after be being carried, because have the cobble with differ size, to protect the security of magnetic separation machine, must pass screening system. Differ according to the environment of wadi, generally speaking, it is better that cobble compares little, diameter to be used from shake type than lesser wadi, maintenance is convenient, economic power (make an appointment with 3KW) . And cobble is very much, the diameter compares old river course to be about to use the screen of rolling-type again. The cobble after passing screening flows into wadi directly commonly, if economic value also can be carried by conveyer belt,sell to the bank; River sand turns into magnetic separation system. Magnetic separation system basically is magnetic separation machine and bath concentration system. The magnetism of magnetic separation machine expresses intensity to want to achieve 3800-4500 gauss commonly, norms is 750*2200-2400, ability of such form a complete set are achieved of 90% choose completely rate. The action of bath is the grade that improves wool iron pink, can adjust freely between 30-45 commonly. The effect that end sand excludes a system is to will be chosen go the end sand of iron pink discharges the place that is far from this machinery, in order to assure the job with this regular mechanical energy. Have type of type of do as one pleases, conveyer belt type, the pump that take sand commonly 3 kinds of forms of course this also is a basis the particular environment of wadi will decide.
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