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The type selecting of common crusher consults the defect that reach actor is an
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Strike back type crusher and hammer type crusher have following main and clear technology advantages than providing:

1. OK and effective processing contains the stock with wet larger amount, those who prevent crusher jam phenomenon
When processing stock water content is too big, strike back of type crusher mix into makings chute strike back board can deploy add shrinkage fitting buy, prevent the felt of stock. Strike back type crusher must not deploy bottom breaker plate to be able to prevent effectively to jam phenomenon. And hammer type crusher cannot be used heat the felt that means preventive expects, and must deploy bottom breaker plate, raised the possibility that jam.
2. Strike back type crusher applies to soft stock to apply to the stock with very big hardness again already
Strike back the bar of type crusher uses mechanical clamp well-set go up on rotor, have very big moment of inertia when turning along with rotor. Opposite at hammer type crusher (peen shows overhang condition) , strike back the rotor of type crusher has bigger momentum, suit broken harder stock, people specific power consumption is inferior at the same time.
3. Can go to the lavatory to adjust neatly a makings granuality, adjusting range is wide
Strike back type stone crusher can pass kind of many means adjustment to give makings size, if adjust rotor speed, adjust strike back board wait with the clearance of abrade antrum. Clearance adjustment can pass mechanical or fluid pressure type undertakes modulatory, use what hydraulic pressure regulating system can operate pushbutton through on the spot conveniently or haul control system completes clearance to adjust. And hammer type crusher adjusts give makings granuality to be able to be passed only change bottom breaker plate comes true.
4. Fragile wear away utilization rate of smaller than hammer type crusher, metal is high
Strike back of type disintegrator bar wear away to be in only greet the one side to stock piece now. When rotor rate is regular, into makings can fall to bar surface (blow face) , the reverse side of bar and flank all are not worn away. Even if is to greet to stock of this one side wear away very few also. And bottom and abrade club changes very easily also. Strike back the metallic utilization rate of type crusher bar can be as high as 45%—48% . And peen of hammer type crusher assumes overhang position, wear away happen in on, before, hind with flank, opposite at bar, peen wears away more serious, the metallic utilization rate of peen is amounted to only 25% the left and right sides. And rotor body itself is worn away possibly also. Breaker plate of bottom of hammer type crusher suffers wear away the effect is serious, lie between bar to want to change entirely, and change the job of breaker plate is more complex also.
5. Spare parts changes handy, safeguard charge to decrease accordingly
Strike back 6 bar are installed only on type crusher rotor, can undertake bar conveniently with the special tool that HAZEMAG company provides change, change the needs an order only time of a bar. Bottom and abrade antrum is abrade change marvellously to also need number ten minutes only can, reduced the overhaul and maintenance time and cost greatly. And peen of hammer type crusher amounts to many 100, change a peen costs a large number of time and manpower, overhaul and uphold charge taller. Bottom breaker plate changes to also be bothered extremely. HAZEMAG(Ha Sima overcomes) the company strikes back characteristic of type crusher technology and advantage:
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