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Crusher is in energy-saving the effect that in decreasing a platoon, has
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Crusher is in energy-saving main effect has in decreasing a platoon, this caption sounds it seems that andCrusherPull not above, but undertake an analysis carefully to the article, with respect to meeting discovery crusher is in energy-saving fall the result in the platoon cannot be done not have, accordingly, develop energetically new-style, energy-saving crusher has been current a pressing need, the production that at present the development trend of the crusher market market of our country is crusher is already saturated, and the development market of new-style crusher is a blank however, manufacturer of present a few crusher is competing the market of low end, so new-style, crusher market of high end is competition of very rare person however, this is offerred to a few large crusher manufacturer with the competitive platform of travel.

Development of cloud stannum group is carried out fulfil scientific progress to watch, increase reform strength, accelerate development rate, increase own innovation capacity, advance innovation energetically managing model, the environment is friendly model company construction, exploration gives an economy that has Yun Xite quality to develop way, promoted the change that develops way, came true good rapid development. Produce can, twice of tax of sales revenue, profit grows, jump litre while for the world the biggest stannum produces base of treatment, exit, resource and the sources of energy are used up, extent of contaminant platoon enlarge drops, created domestic stannum industry best level.

Be aimed at a characteristic of body of cosmopolitan complex and changeful difficult mining inside old mining area, application of cloud stannum group fills up the method of world advanced mining such as mining law, of the lumber in reducing mining process effectively use up and of the sources of energy use up, raised stoping rate. Make full use of the mullock outside eduction hole is used at building materials, pave a road or build Gai Jian easy workshop to wait for protective environment with vegetation of Yu Fu earth and level off. Be transformed energetically and promote mine manufacturing engineering technology, adopt arrange to bring to bear on to receive incomplete by force to search blind and reclaim low grade ore, strengthen placer deposit of residual mine, end, low grade mine reclaim use, those who increase mineral products resource is integrated reclaim use a level.

Introduce machine of energy-saving, efficient double screw pneumatics, nearby of the on the spot inside implementation hole offers wind, reduce pipeline loss, improve the quality that offer wind, year section report makes an appointment with 4.5 million KWh. Enter the water to hole undertake reclaiming using, make a large number of hole enter the water get making full use of, answer every year make an appointment with 9 million M3 with water.

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