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Xuzhou the 10 thousand crusher with mechanical and own intellectual property
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One, vertical crusher series: From 20 centuries 80 time begin us to take the lead in devoting oneself to “ vertical to strike back the development of crusher series ” is developed in home, will strike back broken concept guides in crusher of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy (patent date: 89206333.5) , what undertook a structure several times go up again is great at the beginning of 90 time improve (patent date: 91230502.9, 92213507.X) , make try to perfect maturity to be up to now home, abroad applies extensively (adjustable type) establish compound crusher (patent date: 97247435.8) .
2, barrel type is broken wear machine set: One of ideal and broken mode that “ strikes back broken ” is a kind of science that at present domestic grandfather knows, and home and the numerous and broken machine that abroad develops are restricted because of particular structure the loop cannot come true to relapse inside broken housing broken. Crusher of type of the blow in beginning us to apply “ to strike back broken mechanism ” pushs clean successfully from 90 time namely efficient concussion grinds (invent patent name: 98111504.7) since, all previous breaks through via counting the materiality on second structure (patent date: 98227898.5, 1262705.4) , made principle compose build to suffer the concussion, crusher model —— that strike back and undertakes condition of free in suspension falls repeatedly circularly to pound type wind to sweep ceaselessly to strike back type crusher is versed in eventually grind (patent date: 1245147.9) , in coming true broken, finely, exceed finely at an organic whole, obsess our country and even world smash the domain is tall use up, inefficient this one difficult problem obtains major breakthrough. This product is domestic initiate not only, fill home is blank, achieve international advanced level.
3, roller type wears machine set: 20 centuries 90 time end, foreign scientific researcher put forward “ to expect the layer smashs again (say lamination is broken again) principle”, main characteristic is: 1, broken force is not action is on odd grain, however action is on grain group; 2, broken force is pure pressure, shi Li is slower; 3, to grain group smash pressure is as high as 50 ~ 300MPa. This makes stock grain is smashed while granuality is reduced, interior forms a large number of micro-crack, thereby intensity is reduced substantially. This anew efficient and energy-saving smash the principle is in China smash the bound produced tremendous effect. Of China smash worker had corresponding research, improve in equipment of new facility development and tradition in accepted this one new principle extensively. In the design according to this kind of broken concept, we are drawn lessons from adequately and pound type wind integratedly to sweep grind a loop to relapse broken mechanism and foreign roller press, lie roller is ground, stand grind the foundation that waits for type of of all kinds roller to grind a characteristic to go up, basically use middling speed, medium low pressure squashs for many times repeatedly to expecting the layer is carried out smash, what realized any ore with simple way is finely and exceed finely —— Chinese style to grind (patent date: 620170993.8) . With one action breaks the blank situation that comes to our country a few years grind a domain to have no gross structure sex to break through all the time in pink, the international before each specifications all is achieved or exceeding order is advanced level.
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