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Crusher should remove energy-saving environmental protection in cement plant
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Crusher needs to innovate, crusher industry needs to innovate more, at present the current situation of crusher industry is low end breaking equipment market is begged for be more than, crusher manufacturer competes in the crusher market of low end, accordingly, crusher manufacturer should go, crusher industry should go more, develop new-style crusher, efficient, environmental protection, crusher of feebleminded bad news is the way that industry of our country crusher needs all the time, if be not reformed, crusher industry road will go narrower more.
This normative outstanding characteristic

Normative and main technique wants a place:

One of points: Get used to a country to be opposite high cost can the industry is energy-saving the demand that reduces a platoon, first system offerred plant of our country cement energy-saving design requirement.
Of the point: Consider state of technology of domestic and international cement, put forward index of specific power consumption of plant of our country cement to design a requirement first. Combinative our country builds clinker base and pink to grind the actual condition of the station respectively, the specific power consumption that highlighted clinker and cement pink grind the power consumption of the station.
Of the point: Take systematic thermal efficiency seriously rise. To assure firing the implementation of index of design of systematic specific power consumption, to its the technology ensured measure to also raise specific requirement.
Wind dosage should be less than burner 15% , the wind force ability of fan should be less than form a complete set 15% of academic combustion wind force
Heat of clinker refrigeration machine reclaims rate ≥72% ; The temperature of ℃ environment of clinker temperature ≤70 that gives cooling chance
Improve seal unit and design of adiabatic heat preservation, systematic surface hot loss is less than 9%
Fan of kiln end high temperature uses frequency control device
Encourage use industry litter to regard as replace fuel
Of the point: To ensure a factory the implementation of energy-saving index, highlighted those who produce a course to drive the power consumption dividing a pace that will to cement pack from limestone. Use sheet paragraph broken system
Limestone resource utilization rate by current 60% rise 80%
Install movable type crusher or assembly type crusher

Raw material pink is ground should use roller type to grind a system. Appropriate of coal fines preparation uses roller type to grind a system
The associated pink that cement pink grinds a system to should use the press that take roller grinds a system or roller type is ground eventually pink grinds a system
Of the point: Emphasized a building energy-saving. To A, B, C, D kind the building is energy-saving, divide outside carrying out national level strictly, raised specific requirement according to the characteristic of the industry, measure of the heat preservation outside the wall outside was being strengthened at the same time. To A kind building general housetop and outside of the wall conduct heat coefficient limitation rises on original basis 5% . Energy-saving to building each position also raised specific requirement.
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