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What is floatation? Floatation law introduces, of floatation machine use
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What is floatation? Floatation law introduces, of floatation machine use floatationFlotation
The physico-chemical property difference that uses mineral face chooses the course that fastens mineral grain, old weigh pelagian mineral separation, it is the mineral separation method with the widest application. Almost all ore are usable floatation is grading. The vulcanization such as the mine that be like gold, silver-colored mine, galena, blende, chalcopyrite, chalcocite, molybdenite, pentlandite is mineral, the oxidation such as mineral, uranium chooses picrite of mine of mine of malachite, white lead, smithsonite, different pole and hematite, cassiterite, wolframite, ilmenite, beryl, lithium and rare-earth metal minerally not. Black lead, brimstone, diamond, quartz, micaceous, feldspar metalloid mineral reach the metalloid salt such as fluorite, apatite, barite with content of siliceous salt mine kind mineral wait for solubility salt with sylvite, halite kind choose minerally not. The another main use of floatation is the ash content in reducing granule coal and take off from inside coal except granule sulfur iron ore. The ore that the whole world handles every year via floatation and billion of stock know exactly about sth ton. Large ore dressing plant handles ore to amount to 100 thousand tons everyday. The production target of floatation and equipment efficiency all taller, anthology fasten vulcanization ore to reclaim rate in 90 % above, concentrate grade is approachable pure mineral academic grade. Handle much metal accrete with floatation mineral, if wait for ore of much metal mine from copper, lead, zinc in dissociable a variety of concentrate such as a copper, lead, zinc and sulfur iron ore, and can get very tall anthology fasten index.
Floatation is comfortable reach imperceptible bead stock at handling granule, reclaim hard with method of other mineral separation the imperceptible mine bead that is less than 10μm, also can use floatation law processing. A few special processing extremely the floatation technology of granule, the granuality floor level that can reclaim is lower, exceed fine floatation and ionic floatation technology to be able to reclaim to arrive from colloid grain the of all kinds material that assumes element, ionic position. Floatation is optional still the semifinished product that fastens pyrometallurgy, volatile reachs the useful part in slag, handle the precipitation product of hydromeallurgy soak broken bits and displacement, reclaim chemical product (like pulp, exterior active material) and the mineral in liquid waste and organic matter.
Brief history the natural hydrophoby that Chinese ancient time uses mineral face will purify Zhu Sha, steatitic wait for mine simple remedy, make mineral fine pink is float at surface, and as apart as the gangue that sink. When pan arenaceous gold, dip in feather oil is stuck catch lipophilic the gold of scanty water, silver-colored granule, call goose feather to blow gold, heretofore still has application. Bright " Nature's engineering opens thing " account bullion mill reclaims edible vegetable oil of drop of the “ when the gold in deserted household utensils and dust, silver-colored powder figures a drop, companion falls get together bottom ” . The difference that uses exterior property namely has grading method. In Gu Xila and Europe useful also oil and bitumen gather mineral evidence. People already knew 18 centuries the phenomenon that particle of aeriform conglutinate solid rises to surface; The people when 19 centuries ever used aerification (boil ore pulp) or the bleb floatation black lead that increases acid and generation of reaction of content of carbonic acid salt mine. 19 centuries evening, because increase ceaselessly to metallic demand, the resource drop off of mine of vulcanization of the thick bead lead that can handle with reelect, zinc, copper, begin to fasten granule ore with floatation choosing in Australia, United States and country of a few Europe, offer concentrate for smelt. Law of floatation of film of initial stage application reachs way of completely oily floatation. Former on the surface that is the flow in aspersing mineral powder at floatation machine, hydrophoby is mineral and float be reclaimed at surface layer; Latter mixes in ore pulp a certain quantity of mineral oil, stick catch scanty water kisses oil deposit bead and float reclaims to ore pulp surface. To law of floatation of bubble of the application at the beginning of 20 centuries, the bead that press mine kisses to the bleb in water and degree differs undertake choosing fastening. Restrained blende and pyrite with prussiate 1922, developed preferential floatation technology, used the synthetic floatation drug that is a delegate with Huang Yao 1925, drug dosage falls to be measured to ore by the 10 % of 1 ~ that measure for ore when completely oily floatation extremely, make floatation got significant progress, apply extensively at industrial production. In the meantime, the research of floatation theory develops quickly also, for example the United States was ascended high 1932 " floatation " , er of nimble of Russia row guest was written 1933 " of floatation process physico-chemical " , australia covered with tiles the gram is written 1938 " floatation principle " etc.
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