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Right vintage the technical reformation of crusher of type of fine style anothe
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Crusher of type of vintage another name for Hubei province (fine broken) the development that cannot have satisfied industry of our country mine, via the ceaseless effort of technical personnel and innovation, broken to vintage another name for Hubei province machine undertook a series of technical reformation, make significant position is held in industry of our country mine nowadays, satisfy the requirement that industry of our country mine grows.
Technical reformation: The “ that used Professor Dai Shaosheng secures cubage ” type advanced type of curve of correction gauss of linear ─ ─ is broken antrum, make stock got inside broken antrum the “ lamination of certain level smashs ” , and of pure pressure smash the effect is fivefold at shearing stress, stock gets inside broken antrum lamination smashs for many times action, because this brings about a machine,broken effect rises significantly, broken efficiency is tall and the platoon expects average size can amount to 5-10mm. Nip angle by 0 turn into negative worth, make stock won't jam not only, instead with linear model move jaw board to form longer “ to balance area ” , its are effective length is 30-60mm, the parallel that makes platoon makings gets for some time is crowded (grind) control function, make further stock attenuate, and aggrandizement platoon makings, content expect discharge zone is bottom, broken antrum leaves degree increase, quickened platoon makings, from go up at all disappear jams besides what the platoon expects blemish, raised yield. Rise to protect exhibit to expect the extruding frequency inside broken antrum is mixed broken than, this technology is added appropriately tall the height of broken antrum, make broken pitch of ” of advanced type of so called “ ; And to raise yield, derived new eccentric shafe rotate speed is formulary, namely the eccentric shafe rotate speed of patent product can achieve 330-350rpm. Increased to move jaw to swing so frequency, already aggrandizement broken action, raised machine yield again. Crusher of gnathic style of type of; compound pendulum of jaw board wear away the rule, it is to decide gnathic toothed segment to expect in the platoon area upside area wears away commonly faster, for this this technology will decide ─ of linear ─ of “ of jaw board consummate to amend gauss curve ” . Design of this one innovation got wonderful result. Carry out a proof, improved crusher really of jaw board wear away, use new-style alloy material to make, make its life raised 2-3 times above.

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