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Introduce a kind to exceed type of the buy inside grinding equipment efficientl
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Introduce a kind to exceed grinding equipment efficiently
Buy type lies inside roller is ground reach its characteristic
Yang Lianguo (Jiangsu saves Xuzhou 10 thousand create limited company with machinery 221007)
Shen Junlin (course of study of metalloid collier of the material in Suzhou designs an academy 215004)

Keyword: Efficient smash inside buy type lies roller grinds a characteristic
Summary: To reduce the power consumption in the broken mine, craft that grind mine and specific power consumption, implementation increase production is energy-saving, via the research that comes for years and development, in draw lessons from and lie integratedly roller is ground, stand grind, all sorts of roller such as roller press are ground, on the characteristic foundation of ball mill, use lamination to defeat the advanced sex on broken job principle and structure, type of the buy inside the patent technology product of development lies roller is ground is a kind of structure simple, use convenient, energy-saving fall bad news is apparent, have facility of a kind of of extensive applicability new-style grinding.
1, general situation
Well-known, the power consumption in grinding craft of mine broken mine takes whole production of integrated power consumption 70% the left and right sides, smash to seek the increase production of industrial domain is energy-saving way, come for years what the stress that the experiment studies wears craft and device in pink centrally all the time is energy-saving on.
Current, main pink wears device is the canal is ground machine, stand grind and roller press. Specific power consumption of traditional tubal ball mill is tall, stock is grinding the retention period inside to grow, noise is big; And with roller pressing means carries out what pink grinds to stand grind and roller press, its energy is effective utilization rate is high, specific power consumption is low, the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, but stand grind rigid structure complex, the system is ventilated cost is high; Roller press roller is pressed tall, the structure is complex, vibration is big, upkeep costs is high, the system is ventilated capacity is small, so, these grind the application of machine to have certain limitation.

French FCB company studies in development pink grinds mechanism and the base that have all sorts of pink to wear device to go up, developed a kind of reliability that has ball mill and product quality, establish the compact structure that grind, roller press specific power consumption is low brand-new horizontal roller of the structure is ground machine (Hoyizontal Roller Mill) , abbreviation lies roller is ground. It basically depends on grinding craft to find a new way that can develop energy-saving latent capacity adequately for extruding pink. But as a result of its structure and material choice still remain to perfect, in applying actually, the breakdown of the respect such as machinery and technology operation all the time more, remain to study further at brainpower, make its apply extensively at all sorts of pink to grind exercise, in order to be satisfied in energy-saving fall bad news respect gains bigger profit.
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