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Hammer of our country hydraulic pressure develops the current situation and its
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The development existing state of affairs of hammer of our country hydraulic pressure total can generalize for: Start not late, progress is slow. Development development work starts at last centuries 70 time, during 65 ” of “ , already labelled project of key science and technology, already hydraulic pressure hammer developed a project to pass ministry class appraisal 1984.
From last centuries at the beginning of 80 time up to now, a lot of units of our country participated in the development development of product of hydraulic pressure hammer. Scientific research unit has science and technology of Changsha mine academy, Beijing university, medium south project is big etc. The manufactory has machinery plant of Jia Xingye gold, announce to convert plant of construction machinery of excavate machinery plant, Shanghai, turn pneumatic tool factory of works of factory of the factory, long casting die that treat fluid, Shenyang pneumatic tool, Yue Yang machine tool, . The hydraulic pressure hammer that has a variety of type passes technical appraisement.
But at this late hour, most manufacturer cannot be saleable because of the product the problem such as difference of satisfy the need, quality, already stop production the production of original product. Only factory of the long casting die that treat fluid insists to produce hydraulic pressure hammer all the time, hammer of hydraulic pressure of series of works of Shenyang pneumatic tool and Gu He G of Japan of production of Japanese Gu He company, the land of country of firm of weather of saddle hill Jing, Hunan is at the beginning of 21 centuries the hydraulic pressure hammer that begins to produce him brand, but dimensions is lesser still.
At present situation of this industry home
(1) distributors much, manufacturer is little
Enter 21 centuries, as the development of our country infrastructure and bldg. , the construction machinery market of our country also grew greatly. The market of grab rises particularly rapid, the sales volume from 1999 7434, 23500 when increase to 2003, forecast will achieve 27500 2004, will achieve 30000 2005.
The market of the hydraulic pressure hammer that regards hydraulic pressure grab as working component needs a capacity also mushroom. Breed of hydraulic pressure hammer, quality and amount cannot satisfy market need. Because this is many,hammer of foreign hydraulic pressure enters Chinese market. The hydraulic pressure hammer of Germany, Finnish, United States, Italy, Canada, Japan and Korea can see in the market. It is with the amount of hammer of Korea hydraulic pressure among them most. Home appeared distributors of a lot of hydraulic pressure hammer, the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shenzhen has ten even a few distributors. Brand of abroad of great majority distribute, and him our country on brand and production very few however, have home of very few number only, the breed of hammer of homebred hydraulic pressure, quality has bigger difference with hammer of foreign hydraulic pressure, the market is had rate is very low.
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